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January 2013
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Cold & Snowy-Letter from Erik Jan 2, 2013

Happy 2013!! I’m glad we all lived past the end of the Mayan calender except for the fact that I was planning on the world ending while I was a missionary so that I could just continue to be a missionary in the spirit world. Oh well… Guess it will have to wait.

Not a whole lot of new stuff happened this week. Just pretty much the same old same old. It’s been really cold lately. Most of the time temperatures are below 25. I was really hoping our winter this year would be as mild as last year but I don’t think I’ll get that wish. Last Wednesday it ended up snowing about nine inches. Elder Jackson really wanted snow because he never gets to play in it in California. I kept telling him “You’ll like it for about 2 days, and then you’ll want it gone’ but he didn’t believe me. Then just the other day he was like “ok, I’m really getting tired of this.”

On Saturday one of our members daughters got married to someone in the ward. We went to the ceremony because they asked Elder Jackson to play piano.

We did have 2 less actives come to church that are pretty much reactivated. We just want to confirm with our Ward Mission Leader and ward council that we can officially call them reactivated. Their story is pretty cool too. About 2 months ago Elder Stark, our Ward Mission Leader and I brought an idea to the ward council that these 2 less actives should get callings. The council was kind of hesitant about it, but the Bishopric ended up giving them callings. Not just any run of the mill callings either, they gave them serious ones. One got called to be the Sunday School President, and the other is the Ward Bulletin coordinator. They’ve been doing awesome in their callings and have come to church 6 weeks in a row!

This Saturday we get transfer calls. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks from the last transfer. Time flies to fast! I most likely will stay in Warren for another transfer but I’m not really sure. I would be happy to stay another one but at the same time I wouldn’t be really sad to leave. I’m pretty much indifferent to the transfer process now I guess haha. I’ll just go where the Lord wants me to go.

Well I hope you guys have a good week.  And tell everyone thanks for their Christmas letters!

Love Erik

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