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March 2013
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Snow in the D–letter from March 4, 2013

This week was a pretty slow week for us because of all the bad weather. It snowed virtually every single day this week and the only break we got from the bad weather was on Sunday when it was just cloudy. On Monday night we found out that there was a severe weather warning out for Detroit that called for 7 inches of snow to fall over night. Well we didn’t get that much but we still probably got a good 5 inches. It made it really hard to ride around on a bike that’s for sure! It really made our traveling really slow so we weren’t able to accomplish as much this week as we were able to last week but we still saw some good miracles.

On Thursday we took a few people to the mission fireside with us in Bloomfield Hills. It was easily the best mission fireside I’ve ever been too! Three recent converts spoke and talked about their conversion story and why they joined the church. Every fireside I take someone too I’m always a little on edge about what the recent converts are going to say. You have to be prepared to do some damage control in case they bring up things you haven’t taught your investigator. Things like the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity and Tithing get brought up all they time and usually one of the speaker’s ends up bashing on other churches. None of that happened this time though and each of the recent converts bore really powerful testimonies. After they spoke the Stake President of the Bloomfield Hills stake, Pres. Parsons, spoke and did an awesome job as usual. My first Sunday in Warren was the stake conference where President Parsons was called to be the Stake President. He’s easily my favorite Stake President in the mission and I was sad when I got transferred out of his stake. He’s SUPER missionary minded and is a really powerful speaker. All in all it was a great fireside.

Last week I told you about the guy Elder Jones and Elder Guest found at the library while I was emailing. On Thursday we found out that he didn’t actually live in our area so we had to turn him over to the missionaries who actually covered the area he lived in. It was kind of disappointing because he was super elect and ready for the gospel and I wanted to be the one to teach him. But we got over it and it’s actually going to work out a lot better for him. He was riding the bus about 6 miles to come meet us at our church building when he actually literally lives right around the corner from another LDS building. He came to the fireside with us and we introduced him to the missionaries that would be taking over his teaching. He was kind of sad he wouldn’t see us anymore because he really liked us but he understood how this would make everything easier. I know the missionaries that are taking over his teaching pretty well too and they’re both awesome so I’m not worried about anything going wrong.

Also on Thursday we went back to the Presbyterian church downtown to help out at the food kitchen. There was a school council from a high school in Grosse Pointe that was there helping out too so we had a lot of volunteers. All three of us ended up working the floor and filling up drinks for people and it was a lot of fun. You definitely meet some interesting people that’s for sure. One of the girls from the high school kept asking a lot of questions to Elder Jones, Elder Guest and I. She had a lot of questions about what we do as missionaries and what our church believes. We ended up talking to a lot of people about the church and it turned into a good proselyting situation.

This week we have some good appointments set up so hopefully they all go through. I know I’m looking forward to a great week! Hope you guys are doing well and having lot’s of fun! Thanks for the packages and letters!

-Elder Rushton



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