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April 2013
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First Baptism In Flint Aug 22 Letter

This last week was a pretty awesome week where we had a lot of fun and success. Ryan’s baptism went awesome and we had a great turnout from the ward to support him. It was my first baptism of the year so I was pretty stoked for it too. Our week was pretty much dominated by the preparation we put in to make sure everything went smoothly for the baptism. I was really glad everything worked out well.
We had a member in the ward buy Elder Nelson and I each our own Beta fish. For the past few weeks he’s been trying to give us two beta fish tanks he had lying around. We kept telling him that missionaries aren’t allowed to have pets but he kept insisting that he talked to the mission president at the last fireside. So finally he just went and bought us some. Elder Nelson got a girl and I got a boy.
We told David that these fish are probably going to commit suicide because they know we’re not supposed to have them. Well we had them for about 4 days before we came home to find out that Elder Nelson’s fish jumped out of the bowl and died on his desk. Mine is still alive and as happy as ever. I made him a house out of a coke can and named him J’Rome.
On Friday night the ward had a family game night that was pretty fun.
We had a pretty good turnout from all the members, less actives and investigators we’ve been working with. I got my butt kicked in Scrabble but then made a major comeback to go undefeated in Stratego.
Then Sunday all 3 of the missionary companionship’s went over to a member’s dinner and to play pool. Elder Nelson and I beat the other two companionships but that’s mainly because he’s pretty good. In 1 on 1– I was toast!
Well, thanks for the letters and everything last week.  
Well, have a good week!
-Elder Rushton
PS: Here’s something funny for you to laugh about today. When I opened up Google Chrome, a little pop-up box came up that literally said
“Chrome has auto-updated with bettar spell check!”   Obviously…

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