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May 2013
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After Mother’s Day Email– May 13, 2013

Mother’s day is an interesting time for a phone call because the next Monday I have absolutely nothing to say. I’m pretty sure I told you everything that happened to us last week. But I guess I reiterate some things for blogging purpose. And because I suck at keeping a journal!

I didn’t tell you about our awesome appointment we had Tuesday. We’ve been teaching an investigator named Michael for about three weeks now.
He found the church through working at the University of Michigan. One day he just decided to stop in at the institute building and talk to one of the senior missionaries there. They referred him to us and we’ve been teaching him ever since. Well he’s been reading the BOM like crazy because he loves religions and he told us it has been his favorite book out of all the scriptures he’s read. He’s read the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and a lot of the dead sea scrolls. It was great to see the BOM have that effect on someone.

Sunday was easily the best day of the week. Elder Smith and I prepared an awesome lesson for the Gospel Principles class on the Great Apostasy and Restoration of the priesthood. We showed a short video called the Great Apostasy from the Doctrine and Covenants DVDs that detailed how Wilford Woodruff found the church. It’s a really great video. After class our investigator asked if she could talk to me for a minute. She just decided to show up at church one day and she’s been coming for about a month straight. We’ve only had one actual lesson with her because we’re not allowed over at her house because of the people she lives with. We finally were able to meet with her last week and get her a copy of the BOM. After Gospel Principles she told me about a talk she had with her daughter after the first lesson we had with both of them. She said that after that lesson, she knew she wanted to be apart of this church and would do anything she could to be baptized. She asked me what she needed to do and I was in shock and lost my words for a minute. I told her about the missionary lessons and told her that she would be able to fly through them. We have an appointment with her this Wednesday and we’re going to put her on a baptismal date!

Other than that we didn’t have a lot of anything special going on out here. Sunday night we went over to a members house where Elder Smith called home while I played pool with the other Elders. I played my best game yet but it’s not like that counts for anything haha. We had a great lesson with them and then came home and now it’s today.

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! It was good to hear from everyone on Mothers Day!

-Elder Rushton

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