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May 2013
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New Companion Time!

New Companion Time!—May 9th Letter


Transfers are tomorrow and we found out last night that Elder Nelson is getting transferred. I was very surprised because he’s only been in Flint for 3 transfers and with me for 1. Our mission president usually transfers people out of areas at 2 transfers or 4 and leaves companions together for 2. But I guess I have to get ready for a new adventure. This will probably be the last companion I get before I go home. Crazy to think about that.

This week was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We had stake conference this week so we went to the adult session on Saturday and then stake conference was on Sunday. This stake conference was a broadcast from SLC to all the stakes in the Eastern United States. We heard from someone in the Seventy, the General Primary President, Elder Hales and President Uchdorf. It turned out to be a really great conference and I actually learned a lot. I figured the adult session was going to be all about marriage and helping our families and that I wouldn’t get much out of it. It actually turned out to be an open discussion between the congregation and the all the stake presidencies about different topics. It was really cool but I don’t think it work on a large scale like in the battlecreek stake.

Thursday was a stressful and busy day. We had appointments every hour of the day but one and we kept having people call us asking for help.
Plus, the Flint North Elders needed to pick up their car from the shop and couldn’t find anyone to take them. We ended up having to drive them out there and we ended up putting 123 miles on the car. We usually average 35 a day.

The weekend was the same old same old except we HAD to hit up free comic book day on Saturday haha. We were driving around looking for a place to tract and I noticed a sign outside a comic shop that it was free comic book day. Elder Nelson loves comics so we had to stop in and get some. It was a fun break from routine.

We have a couple potential people for baptism in May. We finally had our first lesson with a lady who just decided to show up at our church a couple weeks ago. I asked her why she decided to come to our church and she said “it was just the closest one.” I asked her how she’s felt about it so far and she said “It feels like I’m coming home. Everyone is so friendly here!” We committed her to read the BOM and continue coming to church and she said she would. She wouldn’t accept a baptism date yet but that will come in time.

Well I hope you guys are doing well and having fun. I’m looking forward to talking with the family this sunday! Thanks for all the letters and everything!

Elder Erik M Rushton

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