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Miracle Week—Erik’s letter from Oct 22, 2012

Elder Erik Rushton September 2012

So this week was sweet! We had so many cool things happen, that hopefully I have enough time to type them all! In every mission, at the end of every week you add up your “numbers” or “Key indicators” to report to the mission office. Every mission has . . . → Read More: Miracle Week—Erik’s letter from Oct 22, 2012

Transferred to Warren Michigan!

So I did end up getting transferred out of Howell and I was pretty sad about it. I really really liked the ward and we had a few investigators that are SO CLOSE to baptism! Hopefully I’ll get to go back for those and hopefully I’ll have a chance to see the ward again. It is . . . → Read More: Transferred to Warren Michigan!

21 Still Feels Like 19 When You’re a Missionary

Note: Erik just turned 21 on the 19th of August! (check out his link below!)

So this week was pretty hectic and crazy for me. I had my one year temple trip on Thursday and that was pretty sweet. But then I got sick and was totally out of it on Saturday and Sunday. . . . → Read More: 21 Still Feels Like 19 When You’re a Missionary

Hell Michigan & a Baptism

July 16, 2012


Erik Preaching in Hell, Michigan.

So last Wednesday I spent a day with another missionary in Chelsea. When we met the next day to switch back to our normal companions, we met in Hell! Yup, Hell Michigan. I’ll attach the pictures.

Saturday went really well with the baptism and everything. We . . . → Read More: Hell Michigan & a Baptism

Service Projects in 102 degrees, 90% humidity‏

Erik covered in sweat after a service project.

This week was crazy busy for us. We had 3 people call us with service opportunities and we took them all. On Wednesday we helped a memberfamily take their last load of stuff from their old house to there new house. He had a TON . . . → Read More: Service Projects in 102 degrees, 90% humidity‏

Balloon Fest June 25th, 2012

Erik At Howell Balloon Festival 2012

So probably the biggest event that went on this week was Balloon fest. I only took a few pictures of it because I didn’t want to look like a tourist, but I’ll be sure and send them home. There were TONS of people at this thing. Like . . . → Read More: Balloon Fest June 25th, 2012

Happy Easter! 4/9/2012 Letter from Erik

Erik Roasting A Peep

So if you ever wondered, yes. Yes you can roast a Peep over a gas fireplace in your apartment.

 I hope you all had a good Easter. One of the kids in the Howell ward asked me yesterday if the Easter bunny came to our apartment. I toldhim that . . . → Read More: Happy Easter! 4/9/2012 Letter from Erik

The Big House, Michigan State –Email from Erik– April 2, 2012

Erik at University of Michigan

This week was pretty good for us and General Conference was great way to end it. We were able to have three investigators watch conference which was really cool. One of them came to the church and watched it with us and he loved it. When we first . . . → Read More: The Big House, Michigan State –Email from Erik– April 2, 2012

Erik Letter 3/5/2012


Hey Family!

I didn’t forget to push the “send” button this week. That was a screw up on my part. (so we got 2 emails this week)

This weekend is the weekend we’ve all been waiting for, The Gladys Knight fireside weekend! It’s going to be huge. Originally, the church had only planned . . . → Read More: Erik Letter 3/5/2012

Letter from Erik 02-27-2012

This week was another pretty typical week in Romeo. We were able to teach thirteen lessons this week which was pretty good. We average around eleven a week so it was good to be above average. With the weather warming up now I bet those numbers will be going up even higher. When I . . . → Read More: Letter from Erik 02-27-2012