1st Week MTC: Aug 15th 2013

Alexa, Sky, Luke and Erik Rushton

Skyler set apart as a missionary August 6, 2013

Well, I’ve been in the MTC for a whole week now and a couple really amazing things have happened to me so far:

1. I was called to be a Zone Leader for my Branch (#26) the second day I was here

2. I gave a really inspired blessing to an Elder in my district where I could literally feel the spirit guiding what I was saying and

3. The food here is pretty spectacular


Haha well, that pretty much sums it up but I’ll go into more detail for your guys sake. My first day here was nuts. I was late to get to my classroom so I had to go to the welcome orientation by myself. When I got there, they paired me up with the nearest two elders so I had a companion. That didn’t last long. After the orientation, they just got up and, when my back was turned for two seconds, they disappeared!! Ahh!! I wasn’t freaking out, but I had no idea what to do. So, I found another Elder in the same boat as me and we hung out through dinner and stuff. Then, we went back to our residence halls but he was staying in a different building so I had to go back to mine… alone. When I got to my room, I just hung out for like half an hour before my companion and the rest of my room/district showed up. Then I met my companion and we went to a seminar thingie that was shockingly boring. It was alright, but I don’t even want to explain it because it was so lame. However, the MTC as a whole is not lame! I do really want to get out of here, but I’m trying to enjoy my time here as best as I can. I do feel myself growing spiritually and my teaching skills are getting better, but it’s really hard to sit in the same classroom for 6 hours a day. My teachers are really cool and they’re helping me along, but there are still some struggles. They are, however, getting better.

So my companions name is Elder Andrew Woolf. He’s a really great guy and our personality’s are very similar, but this also causes some differences in opinion. He likes to talk to our investigators and get to know them really well, which is really important when you start teaching! He also likes to answer questions.

He wants to “let the spirit guide him” which is crazy important and cool, but you HAVE to go into a lesson with a general idea of what to teach . The rest of my district is amazing. The 5 Elders really stick close together and we always do things together with the sisters. In my room, there is Elder Woolf, Elder French-Cooper, Elder Lewis, Elder Kohlert and me. The sisters are Sister Lavry, Sister Dixon, Sister Shelley and Sister Strumpfler (I’m not really sure how to spell it haha.) But anyways, they’re all amazing.

I gave a blessing to Elder French-Cooper on, I think, our third day here. He was feeling a little stressed and his family’s having some problems, so I actually asked him if I could give him a blessing. He thought it was a great idea and it turned out to be really good. Like I said earlier, I could literally feel the spirit guiding me in what I was saying. It was incredible. Elder French-Cooper’s a great guy and he is by far the funniest missionary here. Well, I love everyone in my district and in my zone so that’s all I can really think to say about them. With the new missionaries on Wednesday, our zone now has 45-ish missionaries that I and my companion are over now. All the new guys are great too. It’s crazy to think I’ve only been here a week and we’re already the most experienced in our zone. I’ve met some friends from the outside that have been in here for 6-8 weeks and they are going a little nuts– haha. This place does stuff to you. Mostly good but some… is weird– haha. I’m very thankful that I get to leave next Wednesday! I leave here at 6:00a.m. But I’m sure what time exactly I’ll be calling you guys.

Well that’s about all for now! I love you guys, I’m really liking it here but I still can’t wait to get to Canada!.

Love you guys!

-Elder Rushton, The Third

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