Interesting Penticton People

Downtown Penticton, Canada

Downtown Penticton

So this week was pretty super crazy. We met a TON of interesting people and pulled off six new investigators–which is a lot more than this area has had in the past. I’ll include some of their stories into my letter today; hope you enjoy!

First Investigator:

She was the first and most interesting person/story from this week. On Tuesday we drove down to Osoyoos, Oliver and Okanagan Falls to help the sisters in those areas. We had absolutely no success and were away from Penticton for the entire day. We got back at 7:30p.m and decided to go street contacting until 9:00. We were in the process of chasing down an old man and woman to talk to them when all of a sudden we look to our left and there’s a girl yelling at us from the middle of the road. She had run into oncoming traffic to get our attention and talk to us. So of course we went and talked to her! She is a seventh day Adventist and super spiritual. Our conversation with her went a little like this:

“Are you guys Christian?”

Me: “Of course!”

“Ok, I want to join your church.”

Me: “Whoa, really?”


Me: “Ok… So will you be baptized by somebody with the proper priesthood authority?”


Me: “Sweet.”

It was nothing short of a miracle because we had had no success for the entire day.

Then we walked and talked to her for the rest of the night, got her information and set up another appointment for Friday. So Friday comes, she doesn’t show up so we leave. I think all hope is lost. Then we call her and she wants to meet “RIGHT NOW!” So we go to meet her. So we teach her the lesson and during the lesson I realize something…. she is insane. Like seriously, this lady has lost some of her marbles. But she still wants to be baptized really badly so we’ll see what happens from here!

2nd Investigator:

He is an interesting Chinese person we met street contacting. He speaks relatively good English but the language barrier is definitely there. But get this; we’re going on an Assistant exchange the night we’re supposed to teach him and the Assistant who we’re exchanging with? Elder Ross–a mandarin Chinese speaking Elder! It’s a miracle! So we’ll see what happens from here.


3rd Investigator:

Another Asian we met this week; he is a jacked (super muscular) Japanese guy who also knows fairly good English. He knows Thomas S. Monson, Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon. So that’s… all we need to be able to teach him! We’re working on getting a Japanese BOM for him this week so we’ll see what happens with him later!


4th Investigator:

Oh this investigator….  He was hammered (drunk) when we met him and he was just really, really hilarious. His wife/landlord (the lady he was with) was talking to Elder Sly so I got stuck with him. I’ve never heard so many conspiracy theories or just messed up stories in my life. It was the funniest thing ever. But we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read and hopefully we’ll be meeting with him again when he’s sober!

There were a lot of other crazy stories this week but these ones are the best. I also gave a blessing to a Sister investigator lady who I think I mentioned earlier, so hopefully we can get her baptized before long. Well my week was pretty great, like I’ve said before I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t have the Holy Ghost with me and the Lord guiding me. All of our success this week I attribute to God because I’m nothing more than an instrument in his hands. I’ll continue to try my best and do what He would have me do. I love all of you back home but I love it out here too! I’d better be hearing from all of you soon! Have a great week family and friends! May God bless each and every one of you this upcoming week with good health and good spirits!


With Love,

–Elder Rushton The Third





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