Rain, Rain…..Get out of here already!

Skyler at the US-Canadian border

Skyler and Elder Sly at the US-Canadian border

So yeah, along with the title of this e-mail; it has rained every single day this week!!!!!!! I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun now! Ahh! It’s also getting a lot colder up here haha, but I still love it!

So this week was the baptism of my good friend.  We came in about halfway though when he was  being taught the discussions. His dad is a member; his mother  is not. We’re hoping that after watching her son be baptized, she will want to be as well! She already comes to church, but the fact that all of her friends are Catholic is the deciding factor holding her back. She also wants their youngest son to finish going through Catechism (I know I didn’t spell that right ha-ha) so that’s another thing. I’ve never heard about it until now, but I think it’s just like a catholic school or something? I’ve got no idea ha-ha.

So anyways, our investigator was baptized by his father on Saturday and Elder Sly and I got to be the witnesses for it! It was great! It only took the dad (who was less-active up until about three months ago) one try! The whole service went really well and I’m just really glad that we finally got him baptized! We had one previous baptismal date set, but we had to move it because his mom was working that night! She still showed up late for this one, but at least she came!

His baptism was really a miracle to me. I feel like every baptism is a miracle in some regard!

I mean, this is someone’s eternal life that we just affected! It’s so insane! But in the end I still know that I didn’t really do anything. It was all the Spirit and the Lord. He has been being prepared for this for a much longer time then I can really comprehend. Even before this life he was being prepared. Elder Sly and I just came in when the Lord needed us too and got things done. We are just instruments in His hands!

So for the rest of this week, we found a few really awesome new investigators.  2 are: — a former investigator , and Miriam (like my Mom’s name) are both trying to give up smoking. I’m hoping that as they hear our message out and rely on the Savior, if they really want to quit smoking they will be able too.

Miriam is Irish and really, really cool. I love her accent! She’s 79 (just like most people in Penticton…) and lost her husband eight years ago very suddenly. She seems very receptive and hopefully she will see the need for baptism in the near future! I know that it will bless her in her life!

So funny story true story from the week:

I believe I’ve mentioned another investigator before in my letters but just to recap; she was a 7th day Adventist we met on the street, the day we found her she wanted to be baptized, she is very spiritual but she is also crazy. So we were supposed to meet with her on Friday but… she didn’t show up. So we thought she stood us up but we called her later in the day and she answered. So we came to find out… she was in the hospital… In the psychiatric ward. Remember before when I said she was crazy? She literally was and was now in the hospital for it ha-ha. So she wanted us to come visit her but we came to find out that they don’t let religious people into the psych ward. So I guess we’ll see her when she gets out? Maybe. If she wants too, we probably will haha.


Well that’s about it for the majority of my week. I’m getting better at recognizing everything the Lord has blessed me with! I love reading the scriptures and I love reading the missionary library; both of which are things we are all blessed to have! It is a Commandment to read the scriptures. So read them every day! They are filled with so much goodness and there is something on every single page that will help you in your life! So crack them open and get reading everyone!

I love all of you and I miss seeing all of you, but I know that we are all where we need to be and doing what we need to do! Have a great week everyone!


With Love,

-Elder Rushton The Third


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