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Skyler in MTC with Elder Woolf

Skyler with Elder Woolf

This week was filled with several great, spiritual experiences. Forgive me for making this e-mail so long, but I think you’ll enjoy one or two of the things that happened to me this week!

On Monday, we had a hot-dog roast with our friend, and investigator on Monday. We’ve been teaching him for a while, but he hasn’t been “progressing”. We feel like he really likes us and on Monday, Elder Sly and I both had the impression that he’s going to start progressing very, very soon. So I guess we’ll see what happens!

On Tuesday, we drove down to Osoyoos to visit some of the sister’s investigators (the single guys) because they want us to teach them. We give the sister’s in our area our single women and they give us their single guys. It makes it easier for everyone! Anyways, so we met another investigator. He is super cool, old, and LOVES to talk! During our visit, Elder Sly and I talked for about 5 minutes. Our investigator;  however, talked for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!! Haha, it was nuts! We’ll be visiting him soon, and there’s no way I’m going to let us stay there for that long again haha.

Wednesday! Wednesday we visited a lady (a less-active member) in the hospital. We had a REALLY good visit with her and we’ll be teaching her and her roommate, in a week or so. However, the crazy thing happened as we were leaving. She almost died! Ahh! It freaked me out! I had to go get the nurse and stuff, but it’s ok, she’s fine now. Phew! Then, we went and taught our other investigator, our 7th day Adventist friend. It went SUPER good! We were on exchanges at the time, so I had to take the lead teaching her the Plan of Salvation. Luckily I’d spent all morning getting scriptures ready for the lesson. I’m glad I did because she wanted EVERYTHING to be proven out of the scriptures. Most of our investigators are like that. Anyways, the lesson went great; we bore testimony and set another lesson for next Wednesday!

Thursday! Not a whole lot happened, we just weekly planned, but I did get to teach one of our recent converts how to tie his tie! It was super cool and he was very appreciative!

Friday! We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I was in Rutland with Elder Olson. Rutland is… for lack of better words… the ghetto. It was nuts. We ran into some Muslims which was cool, and we ran into a bunch of adults in Halloween costumes. One of them (he was dressed as a lion) became a new investigator! So that was awesome!

Saturday! We had the ward Halloween party! It was super cool and a TON of non-members/less-actives/part-member families showed up! So we got to talk to a ton of people that needed the gospel. The best part, however, is that Elder Sly and I got to take home the leftovers! We were very, very happy about that because we’re both out of funds for the month and have been living off of potatoes and… Well actually, just potatoes. So it was a nice change from the norm!

Sunday! Sunday was excellent. Church was great and afterwards we went to give a lady, who was a referral from someone in the ward, a blessing. For being a non-member, she was much more accepting of the blessing then others we have run into. I was the one giving the blessing and it was crazy, I didn’t say at all what I thought I was going to. We really are just instruments in the Lord’s hands because I would NOT have given the kind of blessing I gave her if the spirit hadn’t prompted me too. Our member that came with us, Brother Sevey, even spent the next twenty minutes telling this lady how “unusual” the blessing she was given was. I honestly thought he was making fun of me/my blessing at first, but he wasn’t and it turned out that I had said exactly what she needed to hear. Long story short, she has taken the discussions before, family told her not too, she hasn’t even considered it since and still hadn’t until right after the blessing. She described to us how she felt the spirit “wrap its arms around [her]“. She was very touched and asked us if we would give her the discussions again. So of course… We said YES! So we’ll be teaching her again shortly!

That’s about it for my experiences this week, but I want to leave all of you with a scripture I found during my personal study this week. D&C 6:22-23. It hit me with a ton of power when I read it and if any of you are ever struggling with your testimony, read this scripture! I know that Christ lives, that this is His church on the earth and those miracles have not ceased. I see them every day. I love all of you and I hope you all have a very great week!

With Love,


–Elder Rushton The Third


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