Cupcakes are Like Sin

Skyler Rushton enjoying Canadain Timbits

Elder Skyler Rushton enjoying a Canadian snack food.

I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT is that title?!” Well, I promised Elder Johnston that it would be the title of my e-mail this week ha-ha. And the title is true! Cupcakes look really good for you and they’re really sweet at first, but what happens after you eat a lot of them? You get an upset stomach, gain weight and have your arteries clogged by trans fat. So then you need to repent by being healthy and actively working against eating bad stuff again. Anyways, enough of this crazy cupcake analogy and onto the week.

Monday was great! We had dinner at a less-actives house and she was part native, so we talked about my native nickname “Seen-cleep”! So that was cool. She said she’s going to make me a totem for it, so I’ll be looking forward to that! Then that night we found a couple new investigators and one named “Holmes Tingley”… No joke, that’s his name! I couldn’t stop laughing on the way home.

On Tuesday we had a tri-zone (Abbotsford, Surrey and Langley zones) conference with President Tilleman and Elders Smith and Orgill (two of president’s five AP’s.) All of the trainings were excellent. Elder Orgill has been an AP as long as I’ve been in the mission and he is just a spectacular missionary. And President Tilleman will be a general authority some day, you mark my words! Every time he speaks the spirit just hits you like a wall. Really, he is probably the best speaker I’ve ever heard in my life. I hope you all get the chance to hear him someday! Sister Tilleman gave an excellent training too and told how President proposed to her while they were reading the BOM together ha-ha. So she LOVES the book of Mormon! And she was 17 when she married president.. who was 25… so that was pretty crazy too!

The rest of the week was a little slower, but it started snowing on Friday and it has been snowing ever since! We have about a foot and a half on the ground and this NEVER happens in the Lower Mainland! It’s awesome, but it sure stinks to not have a car in it! But the Lord has put a lot of people in our path that we wouldn’t have met any other way! Like Krista! We were waiting at a bus stop for our bus to come when she walked by and we asked her how she was. She wasn’t doing very well. She had just had her purse stolen and a couple other things, so she was pretty low. To make a long story short, she agreed to let us come over and share another message about Christ and how he loves her! So, another new investigator thanks to the Langley public transit system!

So Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to our mission this Saturday so I’m stoked for that. A couple other general authorities are coming too, and no one seems to know why they’re coming. President told us they’re coming because they are so amazed at how our mission numbers have exploded…. I’m just hoping for I-pads. But we will see! That’s about it for this week though, but I’m very happy to be here in the CAN-VAN mission at this time! We break our own records every week and the Lord just keeps pouring out blessings! It’s a great time to be a missionary during the hastening!

I love you friends and family and I love the Lord as well. I know this work to be true and I believe the testimonies of our prophets and apostles when they say that “He lives!” I hope you all have a great week and possibly one of the greatest weeks of your life! As my friend Brother Agar would say, “Have a great week duders and dudettes. May the lord bless you eh!”

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Your favorite person in the Great White North,

–Elder Rushton the Third

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