An Asian, a Persian, a Menonite and a Black guy walk into a church…

Skyler Rushton Tie headband

Elder Skyler Rushton and his new style of wearing a tie.

I know, I know, it’s not the greatest e-mail title in the world but it’s what I’ve got haha.

Salome! (“hello” in Farci!)

This week was crazy (as they all seem to be) but lots of cool things happened this week! We met a Asian guy, a Persian guy, a Menonite and a Black guy this week! The Asian guy was Korean and we set a baptismal date with him at the bus stop before passing him off the the Burnaby Korean Elders! The Black guy is like a track star apparently! We met him at the Langley city bus loop and he’s sweet. Elder Johnston and I were waiting for the bus by the temple when the Assistants saw us (they had been at the temple for P-day) and gave us a ride into town. It’s always nerve wracking to be around the Assistants because you know that everything you do will be reported to President soon haha. So they dropped us off at the bus loop to contact there, saw a black guy, started yelling,”Black baptism!” and kicked us out to go talk to him. Luckily they left while we were talking to him, and he became a new investigator! So that was pretty sweet.
The Menonite guy I met was on exchanges in Willoughby with Elder Bonfield–a new missionary. We didn’t have a whole lot of success finding, but that night they had planned to teach a guy who’s wife had actually told them to come back. So we went with our member (some scottish guy whose accent I LOVED to death!) and met him! He’s a Menonite, like another investigator from Penticton, and he acts exactly like every other menonite guy I’ve taught. Super nice and really curious, but not really willing to act. He wants an NIV version of the BOM but I told him, “No sorry, that would be of the devil.” So we had a nice talk about the BOM and the Trinity. He believes in the trinity but just like everyone else who believes in the trinity, he can’t really explain what he believes in haha. So he was nice and I guess we’ll see if he goes anywhere!

Now the Persian guy we met was pretty interesting! His name is something in Farci, but no one can pronounce it, so he goes by another name and he is from Iran. We were at the library waiting for an investigator to come up and I saw him looking at this horse statue and I was like, “Hey, what’s up?” and he literally talked for an hour straight after that haha. He is not Muslim, he is Ba’hai. I’ve met them before and they’re really cool but to sum up their religion, they belive in EVERYTHING. It’s crazy and I can’t really explain it any better haha. But he is the smartest Ba’hai I’ve ever met! He’s met with the temple president here, the leader at the local Jehovah Witness Kingdom hall and other local pastors. He’s done a lot of truth seeking and has found some true doctrine, but he’s also got a couple of messed up beliefs. But we did have some common ground though, we both don’t like Jehovah Witnesses! So that was nice to hear haha. Hopefully we’ll be teaching him again in the near future.
Another investigator we found, is Muslim, so we have to get permission from President and ask him a couple questions before we can teach him. It’s for their own safety so we’ll see what happens with him!

Another cool thing happened this week, we walked by a film set! They were filming an American movie called “The Stars and Stripes” in downtown Langley. Pretty ironic they were filming in Canada eh?? Haha, we had a good laugh about that.

Well that’s about it for the week! I hope all of you are doing so very well! I love to hear from all of you and I hope you all have a very wonderful week! Follow the Spirit, dress modestly and choose the right! Love you all!
Your favorite Canadian Mexican,
–Elder Rushton The Third

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