Canada: A Foreign Land

Skyler in MTC with Elder Woolf

Skyler with Elder Woolf

For the first three or so days of this week, I don’t feel like I talked to a single white person. But that’s ok, I don’t like them anyways… Haha kidding, kidding.

So this week was pretty good! It wasn’t quite the spiritual high like last week, but it was still great! I had my best week in Brookswood results-wise, so that’s always a nice feeling! I feel like big things are right around the corner for this area, which is good considering our ward has a goal of 30 baptisms for the year and between us and the sisters we have… none… Yet! They are a-coming!

 The highlight of the week was my exchange with Elder Camp on Wednesday! We had a powerhouse district meeting (with me giving training on diligence and Elder Johnston training on the Book of Mormon) and then started our exchange! Since we’re on transit, we went and caught the bus into town. Then, we got hungry. Then… we caved in and got all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet… it was awesome ha-ha. It’s run by a bunch of Croatians, so that’s cool. I love their accents!

 Anyways, Elder Camp and I found a bunch of new investigators and had a great lesson with a part-member family. Elder Camp’s last companion was my best friend from the mission, Elder Lewis. I came out with him and he is seriously my best friend right now. He’s awesome! Anyways, Elder Camp and I talked about him a lot and also about Elder Camp’s past life. He was in a band and when we get home, we’re going to start a band ha-ha. He lives in Orem and was their starting quarterback for the last two years, but he’s put on some weight on him mission ha-ha. Anyways, he’s awesome.

 Then, we went on splits! I was with Brother Leonard who is from the U.K. I LOVE his accent, and he looks just like a young captain Picard from star trek. I told him that, and he got a kick out of it haha. So we visited some part member families and all went well!

 On Thursday, we went with Bishop Towns to visit an investigator couple who I’ve been working with since we got here. They’ve got the cutest daughter in the world, who is four and this couple is living common law. I feel like we had an awesome lesson with them, so hopefully we start to see some more progress there!

 Church was great and a recent convert family really digs Rlder Johnston and I and the mom finally came to church for the first time since I’ve been here! Everyone in this ward tells me how much they like me compared to the last Elder that was here, so that’s been pretty flattering I guess. Haha, now hopefully our investigators will start to feel that way too and get baptized!

Well have a wonderful week family and friends! I love all of you! Being on a mission has really made me recognize how much I really did love my family and friends back home. So have a great week, may the Lord bless all of you very abundantly!

The American Behind Canadian Lines,

–Elder Rushton The Third

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