“O Canada… Not My Home or Native land!” June 30th, 2014

Skyler's 19th Birthday June 26th

Skyler’s 19th Birthday June 26th



In sacrament meeting yesterday, they had us stand and sing all four verses of, “O Canada”… That is the longest, slowest, most boring national anthem ever ha-ha. I swear we sang it for like, seven minutes. As you can probably tell from the title of my e-mail, I didn’t quite sing all the words right… But it was better than me breaking into the “Star Spangled Banner” in the middle of the song ha-ha.

Before I forget, we are moving this week to a new apartment here in Langley. So hold off on letters until I get you the new address next week!

Tomorrow is Canada day! It is Canada’s attempt to replicate Independance day. They will have fireworks, but we probably won’t be able to see them from our apartment :( oh well, maybe next year! )People everywhere are driving around with Canadian flags and whatnot. Elder Bennett and I were going to put an American Flag on our car… but some crazy Canuck would probably smash in our window ha-ha. Canada is a pretty good country, but nothing is better than the U.S.A.! Especially because it is talked about in the Book of Mormon! So take that Canada!!

Elder Bennett and I had a pretty weird week. We were looking at apartments and we showed up at this one complex and asked, “Do you have any one bedroom apartments available?” And the landlord gave us the weirdest look ever ha-ha… It is even funnier because that’s the one that our housing coordinator decided to go with! It should put him at ease when he sees us hauling in two beds. I realized just a little bit more about how weird missionaries must seem to people who don’t know what we are all about. I mean, two young single adults living together in a one bedroom apartment with no TV. computer, paying job, family nearby and asleep at 10:30. Pretty sure that’s unheard of in the “normal” world. Oh well, looks like me being kind of different before my mission prepared me for this kind of treatment!

At the bus loop yesterday, this drunken homeless guy came up and yelled at us while we were trying to talk to other people for like 10 minutes. Finally he stopped and a couple minutes later he came up to me and gave me, what I think, was some kind of apology ha-ha. He was so crazy; I don’t know what was going on ha-ha. He kept holding his marijuana super close to my face, so I had to keep pushing him back a bit! He also put his arm around me at one point and turned to my companion and said, “This young man is a pretty boy! Just look at that smile!” And then he kept telling really, really lame jokes Hahira. Man, the people I have to deal with in this city sometimes…

We visited a member’s work this week; he does “Hydrographics” so it was pretty cool to see how all that worked! Then, as we were leaving, there was someone across the street sweeping up his shop, so we went over and talked to him. Turns out he was studying to be a Baptist minister. Shoot. He had us get out our, “swords” (our bibles) as he called it, and we spent the next 30 minutes in yet another trinity bash. We had four, I think, this last week and they always end the same: the other person walks away frustrated or their bus comes, and they leave not having learned anything and still stuck in their stupid Trinitarian notions. I wonder how Joseph Smith converted the bashers? That would be a cool question to ask him!

Those are really the points of this week that really stuck out in my mind! Other than that, life has kind of been the same old, same old. Our new mission president, President Burt, gets here tomorrow, so that should be fun! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! They meant a lot! I love all of you!! Have a wonderful week!! –Elder Rushton The Third

(Note from Parents–Skyler’s new Mission President are our neighbors cousins!  President and Sister Burt  Small world!

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton




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  • LeAnn C Rushton

    Dear Skyler,
    I have to tell you that when I read about your having to sing “O Canada!”, it reminded me of a story my Mom told us about her mission when she was in Eastern Canada. She had gone to the movies on the 4th of July, and when they played “God Save The King”, she thought that they were being polite and honoring the U S since it was our holiday. We always get a giggle over that!.
    I love Vancouver! It is such a lovely place! We enjoyed our two trips there. I am glad that you are busy and that your mission is going well! We love you and pray for you and Austin always!

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