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Elder Skyler Rushton in Car Mirror

Elder Skyler Rushton

We took our car into the shop Wednesday morning to fix a crack in the bumper that was there before we got the car; we have been on public transit ever since… It is just as bad as it was when I was on public transit two months ago!! Busses still never come on time, the weirdest people EVER ride the busses and we really wish we had bikes! The shop told us our car would be done on Friday, so we called to check on it and they were like, “Oh, we found out we didn’t have all the parts. So it might be done Tuesday.” I’m gonna flip if it isn’t done on Tuesday haha!! Oh well, just another one of those “real life experiences” eh?

So other than that, this week was pretty good! It has been crazy hot up here the last few days. I was on exchanges with Elder Zamano, who is from Mexico, and even he was like, “Man,it is hot!” It has been pretty humid, so I think that’s a big factor in how hot it feels, but apparently we broke some kind of heat record for the city last Tuesday. Crazy!

So Elder Zamano and I were on exchanges Tuesday and we had a good time! It was Canada day, so there were many people walking around in Canada attire! The whole time we were at the bus loop contacting, I just kept looking for Spanish people to send Elder Zamano over to talk to! And it worked! There was a guy from Guatemala and two guys from Mexico that became new investigators! We won’t get to teach them–we passed them off to the Surrey Spanish Elders–but they were still cool to meet! The two Mexican guys worked on a cucumber farm and didn’t speak a lick of English, but after Elder Zamano talked to them, they started making fun of me because I “No Habla’ed Espanol!” I’ve never felt so discriminated against before haha… On that note, some dude called Elder Zamano an illegal alien at the bus loop! I was like,”Whoah, that’s not cool man.” My goodness, the nerve of some people…

So then Elder Bennett and I have been on busses and it has been pretty much the same old same old. We did another exchange with the Pitt Meadows Elders on Friday to Saturday that was lots of fun. I went to “Pitt Ghetto’s” with Elder Alldredge and we met a cool dude named  that we set a baptismal date with on the street. The whole time we were talking to him, he had a sorta crazy look in his eye and I kept thinking he might stab us or something. But then he turned out to be pretty chill and he even came to church yesterday in Pitt meadows! They taught him later that night and he committed to live the word of wisdom, law of chastity and the law of tithing. So hopefully he stays on track for getting baptized on July 26th!

We had an investigator show up to church with his less-active, common law wife, so that was cool. They are Native, they make Native art and they are home all day because they live on disability (which seems to be the case with roughly 80% of the investigators we find ). This investigator believes in evolution, which is actually very weird for a native, so that’s the biggest challenge we are tackling with him right now. But he loves the Book of Mormon so far, so I think we will be able to help him get a testimony. We had a couple other people that were supposed to come to church, but they flaked out on us. I would feel worse about it, but since it was fast Sunday (AKA “Jump up Sunday” as a less-active called it!) I’m actually not too disappointed they didn’t come… we got some pretty strange testimonies haha. Fast and testimony meetings are ALWAYS exciting for missionaries!

Well that’s really it for this week! The other really big event is that our new mission president, President Burt, has now taken over the mission. We get a zone conference with him tomorrow which should be fun. Not much has changed in the mission YET, but we are still keeping our fingers crossed for iPads haha! Have an awesome week everybody! I love all of you and I hope that your summer’s are going fantastic! Talk to you later!


–Elder Rushton The Third



My new mailing address for the next few weeks is:

Elder Rushton

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