My Journey for Jesus

Elder Skyler Rushton with candy.

Elder Skyler Rushton with Cadbury eggs.

Note: (We are waiting to hear if Skyler was transferred this week so check back on the blog soon!)

Hello friends and family! It has been another week of my journey for Jesus up here in Beautiful British Columbia! It took me almost four minutes to think of a title for this e-mail, but I think that it is fitting haha.

So on Monday, we got 5-dollar Lebanese haircuts that President Burt complimented on Saturday; so that was the first success of the week! That was the major event of Monday. On Tuesday, we found out that the Willoughby Elders in our district were going to get another missionary–Elder Sloan! Elder Sloan is so awesome!! He lives in Surrey, B.C. which is about twenty minutes away and he has Down syndrome. But he is an awesome missionary and he is the most loving missionary you will ever meet! They just moved him from Kelowna to Willoughby so he could be close to his parents again (previous to Kelowna he was serving in Richmond–also close to Surrey) and he is EXACTLY what Willoughby needs! Willoughby is a tough area; lots of rich people that won’t give you the time of day. But Elder Sloan just melts hearts, so when we heard that he was coming to the district, we were all pumped! He just had his birthday on Thursday as well, so Elder Bennett, as a good district leader, bought him a birthday cake! Thursday is our weekly planning day, so it was a good break from planning to go get a cake. So Monday through Thursday was pretty uneventful except for Elder Sloan, so we will move on to the rest of the week!

Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Wood in Pitt Meadows, AKA. Pitt Ghetto’s. It was sweet! They cover Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, so we split our time between the two. We had a great day of finding and teaching a less-active Brother; but the best part of the day came in the afternoon when we taught a YSA girl. The YSA Elders brought up two YSA members to fellowship her and be the members for our lesson. They brought the members and then went out finding while Elder Wood and I taught our investigator. It went SO GOOD!! The 2 YSA members are both recent converts that were baptized in April—One of them got baptized in two weeks after meeting the missionaries and the other got baptized seven months after meeting the missionaries! They both had very different stories on how they eventually accepted the Gospel and got baptized, but they both have fireball testimonies! One of the sisters was just blown away by them and we ended up going over the Restoration, Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. The spirit was super strong and I am super jealous that she is not our investigator –haha. She is totally getting baptized!  Elder Bennett and I went to the YSA for a bit on Sunday to see her and we ran into a guy (he’s East Indian) who was found by my good mission buddy, Elder Lewis. He is getting baptized next week, so it was super cool to get to talk to him about his conversion story! God’s plan is totally perfect.

On Saturday, we drove to Richmond to have interviews with President Burt for the first time, and that all went pretty good! It is always a lot of fun driving on Highway 99 into Richmond; you get to go 120 KPH which looks really fast because it’s a number over 100, but it’s really like 75 MPH; which is still fun! I was also interviewed by some of the Assistants–Elder Baker and Lieber–and it was cool to get to talk to both of them because I’ve gone on exchanges with them before. Before we headed back to Brookswood, we had to drive to Pitt Meadows to drop off some Book of Mormon’s. It was sweet getting to drive the Richmond to Pitt Meadows route, because I got to go through Delta, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam for the first time ever! Traffic in New West was nuts, but the drive was very scenic. It was cool getting to see the diversity of the Lower Mainland.

On Sunday, Elder Christensen, the area authority for British Columbia, came to our ward and taught combined High Priests and Elders quorum meeting. He opened up the floor for questions at first and a LOT of questions were asked about the women and the priesthood issue. It was special seeing someone almost general authority status answer questions from the priesthood group. Then he gave a training on the duties of the priesthood. It was excellent!!! Blew my mind, that’s for sure. Then after the meeting, Elder Bennett and I got to assist Elder Christensen in a blessing for someone in the ward! It was awesome getting to be a part of that.

Well those are really the key points of this week! Tonight is transfer call night and considering I’ve been here in Brookswood for six months now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a call! Langley has been a good city to serve in; I’ve definitely met the most interesting people ever here. But we will see what happens tonight! I know that whatever happens is inspired. I think the major lesson I learned this week is that leadership in the church is called of God. You can’t aspire to certain positions in the church

(Hebrews 5:4)–the Lord is going to put you where he knows you need to be. God’s plan for us is perfect, and where He puts us is no less perfect! I’ve totally got a testimony of that!! I love you all!! I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep praying for me, I’ll be praying for all of you! This church is true, this work is divine and God truly does love us all. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you; talk to you all later!

–Elder Rushton The Third


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  • LeAnn C Rushton

    I love reading your letters! They are really uplifting and interesting. I am glad that you elders have the privilege of working with a Down Syndrome elder. I have met very few Down Syndrome people who were not very sweet and loving. They have such choice spirits! I am glad that you are well and busy. It makes the time go by faster. I am sure that the Lord is with you in your endeavors. We pray for your well being always.
    Love from Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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