40 Days and 40 Nights

Elder Skyler Rushton at Vancouver Temple

Elder Skyler Rushton at Vancouver BC Temple

My dad once wrote a song in his band Shufflin’ Noah called “Forty Days and Forty Nights”.

Obviously it has reference to the story of Noah and his ark, but I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head this week! I feel like I can sympathize with Noah a little better now because it has been raining cats and dogs up in here! I thought my jacket was waterproof… But apparently if you’re out in the rain all day it stains the back of your white shirts blue… And then doesn’t come out when you wash it on P-day… Dang it!! Good thing I’ll be wearing that rain jacket all day every day until May or so. That’s right folks; we are entering the rainy season here in B.C.

So there are definitely perks to being on public transit as a missionary. More chances to talk to people, coverings over the bus stops to protect you from the rain, air conditioning in the SkyTrain and that kind of stuff. But there are also draw backs. For example, not every bus stop has a rain covering so when you are waiting for your bus for ten minutes… you get soaked ha-ha. Then a bus comes and picks some people up… But you aren’t able to get on because the bus is FILLED TO THE BRIM!!! To visualize that, just imagine sardines packed in a can: really close to each other, smells weird, everyone’s wet and some sardines are older or younger than others. Describes my life this week perfectly ha-ha! Another drawback, and this may just be Canada, is Friday, Saturday and Sunday night you get a bunch of drunken kids screwing around on the SkyTrain while you are trying to talk to someone about Jesus! But in all honesty, transit isn’t really that bad! It’s just… Unique I guess ha-ha.

This week we got to teach some pretty sweet people. A less-active came with us so we could go give a blessing to a baby in a hospital. The mom (and baby I guess?) were non-members and her brother in  had requested that we do it, so we jumped at the opportunity. The baby turned out A-Okay and the mom started crying during the blessing.  We asked if we could visit them sometime and she said we could, so hopefully we start teaching their whole family! This Brother is an interesting guy, he’s Bi-polar, he’s part black, native and Scottish and he’s really, really smart when it comes to the gospel! He’s a cool guy and he knows his doctrine; hopefully we can get him to come back to church. We also taught this sweet family from Ghana we just found! The Dad super Catholic, but thanks to our Bishop here helping with his Aunt’s funeral a couple years ago, he’s open to having us over! We read 2 Nephi 31 with their family and they LOVED it! Then they fed us African food and said we were practically their family now! Ha-ha, it was pretty great. We also taught another investigator, who is from Honduras, and he and his daughter are really solid.

This week, the eight missionaries in our ward get to judge the Halloween chili cook off! It should be great because I think we literally have every ethnicity under the sun in this ward. Another Brother, who is from somewhere is Africa, is a cook, and he also came to a lesson with a less-active member this week. Now he is… ….super bold!  In a lesson we were teaching, he was like, “I’m going to cut to the chase so we don’t waste these missionaries’ time; we want you to come to church. Start reading and praying every day and come to church. Are you paying tithe? Talk to Bishop when you come to church and start doing that.”    I promised this less-active member that if he came to church he would be happier and feel the spirit more, and this Brother said, “Well this missionary is young and doesn’t know that he shouldn’t promise you blessings. Only God can do that. So come to church because God commands you too.”    Oh man, good times. I think I might take him to every lesson while I’m here just for the stories!

Well everyone, that’s about it for this week! I miss you all dearly, but being here in New Westminster is where God wants me to be right now. I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week everyone! Let me know if I can help you or anything! Love you bye

–Elder Rushton The Third


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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I love your letters! They are so full of the missionary spirit and enthusiasm! Your Grandpa Allen would be so proud of you! So would your Grandma Jane! Jane loved people and always radiated the Spirit of the Gospel around others. She would just quietly love people and help them. (especially me!) Thanks for sharing your experiences. It really boosts my spirits while I am getting better from cancer! We all love you and are proud of you! Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Darrel

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