Another Week of the Crazies!

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Sly

Elder Rushton and Elder Sly

Hello everyone! So I don’t have a ton of time left today, so this weeks’ e-mail will be shorter than others. We helped a member of the ward move a bunch of heavy furniture out of a house this morning because to him it was our “day off”, and we are going back to finish up after e-mailing. Bye bye to P-day! But it’s alright because we didn’t really know what we wanted to do all day anyways. P-days on transit are rough sometimes because you spend half the day traveling. But being on transit, you sure meet the craziest people!

This week, I had a “donair” for the first time! I would describe it as a Middle Eastern burrito or something, but it was super good! The owner was from Iran, and he sure knew what he was doing! Later that day though, we met a super intense Muslim guy. He said the typical things like, “God doesn’t need a Son. The bible isn’t true because there is some CRAZY stuff in there! And Jesus was just a prophet.” We had a pretty intense conversation, and during the whole thing I kept remembering what one of our less-active members had said earlier in the week, “Muslims in Saudi Arabia LOVE to cut off hands! That is the penalty for getting caught stealing, and shop owners will intentionally leave their shops unlocked while they go to pray just so they can catch a thief and cut off his hand!” Not sure why I kept thinking that… But anyways; I brought up the Book of Mormon, modern day prophets and receiving revelation from God through prayer, and he ended up just walking away ha-ha. Oh well.

But then another crazy Catholic guy we ran into later in the week (who used to be a Muslim actually!) told me something that I want to try next time: The angel Gabriel is the one who appeared to Mary and told her she would conceive the SON of God; the Muslim’s also believe that Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and had him write the Koran. Conclusion? They believe that what the angel Gabriel says is scripture, so if he said THAT to Mary, then Christianity must be true. That’s why he became Catholic apparently. So, I’ll keep that for future reference!

We ran into one of our Christian friends from Iraq again on the bus, and when we got off we had a good 45 minute lesson with him on the street. He decided that if he couldn’t convince us the Book of Mormon was false, and then he would try to prove everything else we believed was false. Like the law of Tithing, Sabbath day worship and the word of wisdom. I was thankful that I had read most of the Old Testament prior to that encounter, because I’m pretty sure every scripture I used was out of Leviticus ha-ha. By the end of our “discussion”, he finally gave us his number and we’re going to see him again this week! Have miracles ceased? I say unto you, nay. (Side Note: “Nay” means “Yes” in Korean, so when I used that phrase the other day around them, they just laughed at it ha-ha. Good times with those foreign language missionaries!)

On Tuesday, we were on exchange with the Korean Elders and I got to have dinner at a Korean member’s house! It was awesome!! I’ve gotten pretty good with chop sticks on my mission, so I didn’t embarrass myself too much in that regard, but when it came to the conversation… Ha-ha, they just kept laughing at me because I had NO idea what they were saying ha-ha! It was a good time. They also fed us Oreo birthday cake ice cream for dessert! Man that was good stuff!


Well there are a couple highlights from my week! I also learned that John Beck (former BYU quarterback) plays for the BC Lions now, so that was pretty cool. Its drier now, but starting to get much colder up here! The humidity makes it very different from Utah cold, but it could be worse; I could be up North!! Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much! The gospel is so true!!!! Talk to you all next week!


–Elder Rushton The Third

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