What do Koreans, Chili and Halloween Have in Common?

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Skyler’s Weekly Scripture

Hello everyone! This week flew by and I learned something new this week: In British Columbia, it is a tradition to shoot off fireworks on Halloween! So on Halloween, we had to go in at 6:00 to weekly plan and the whole time we were inside, it sounded like the Revolutionary war outside! Tons of bottle rockets, firecrackers and things of that nature. The days before and after Halloween, there were teenage kids all around New West blowing stuff up with fireworks too. It almost made me wish I grew up here ha-ha! A member brought us some pizza while we were planning and we got some leftover Halloween candy from the ward on Sunday. Another successful missionary Halloween if you ask me!

So, what do Koreans, Chili and Halloween all have in common?? Well, this week I got to go on an exchange with the Korean Elders, and we had a Halloween chili cook-off on Wednesday! The missionaries got to judge the chili too; that was definitely the best part! I got to help teach an English class Tuesday to Korean people, and that was a lot of fun! It would be hard to learn English if you only knew Korean. I say that because I’ve been trying to learn some Korean when I’m with those Elders and holy cow that is a TOUGH language! Easy to read, but hard to pronounce and get the grammar right. During language study with them, I finally gave up on Korean and read the Book of Mormon in Spanish instead. That was MUCH easier ha-ha!

On Saturday, we had a surprise wedding with a Less Active and an Investigator! I say it was a surprise, because they didn’t tell anyone that it was going on until the week of, they wanted to use the chapel, and they expected Bishop to be the one to marry them! It was pretty hectic for a couple days ha-ha. But miraculously enough, everything worked out pretty well and the wedding went off without a hitch! There were only about 20 they had invited, so it was pretty low-key. We helped set up and take down with another member of the Bishopric, and the Bishop was able to get an hour off of work on Saturday to come and marry them! Turns out miracles have NOT ceased!

This week we had a surprise zone conference with an even bigger surprise… President Burt had snagged a copy of “Meet The Mormons” at his mission president’s seminar and we got to watch it!!! It was super good! I was really surprised actually because I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out really well! I definitely recommend it. I finished the Book of Mormon again this week too, and it turns out… That it is still true haha!! The way I understand the scriptures has changed SO MUCH since I’ve been on my mission. Every time I read them they get better and better! If you just want to feel “good” and need a pick me up, just go read the scriptures! They’re awesome!

We taught two awesome investigators this week; They are from Ghana, and from Honduras. We had our first real lesson with one of them last night, and he committed to get baptized and the way I see it, he’s as golden as it gets! He even went to a church and picked up pass-along cards that he uses as book marks! Awesome guy.

The other investigator has been meeting with missionaries for a while following an accident he had where he fell out of a fourth story window and destroyed his legs. That was four years ago, and he finally had his last surgery and moved back to his house here in New West. So we just started teaching them, but they are golden as well. They love us to death and every time we go over there, they feed us so much food I feel like I’m going to explode!! Immanuel just regained his ability to walk and he is finally down to get baptized! He was super humbled by his accident, and he and his family are just great!

Well that’s about it for this week everyone! It has rained every day and the forecast for this next week is… More rain!!! Yay!! Ha-ha, so hopefully this week goes well too. I love all of you, and I hope you all have a spectacular week!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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