Christmas Season #2: Share the Gift

Elder Rushton and Elder Wood

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Wood

All of my fellow missionary comrade’s will get the hash tag! If you don’t, check out and watch the video! Then you will get it!

So, hello friends and family! It snowed up here on Friday–the day we had a nice Filipino-American Thanksgiving dinner!– and the snow has been around ever since. That is NOT normal for here in the Lower Mainland, but since we are in Canada, I’ll take it! At least I’m not up North with my missionary buddies where it hit -30 yesterday. Now that… Is cold.

So transfers! I’m still here in New Westminster and my new companion is Elder Alden! He just came from the Queen Charlotte Islands–Haida Gwaii–where he served for 6 months. There is pretty much no civilization up there, so it has been quite a change for him here in Metro Vancouver on public transit! My trainer, Elder Sly, served up there before he trained me (a whopping 15 months ago!) and from Elder Alden’s stories, the work is progressing really well up there! When my trainer was there, they had a congregation of 6 whole members! Now, it’s up to 19 with a senior couple acting as the branch presidency! Crazy stuff.

So we got our transfer calls on Monday, spent every hour of Tuesday visiting members, less-actives and investigators so Elder Buchanan could say goodbye, and then he left on a plane early Wednesday to go to Burns Lake up North! I spent the rest of Wednesday with a Japanese Elder, Elder Lawlor (who I came out with!), and took advantage of that by visiting some Japanese former investigators! No luck there, but finally Elder Alden’s plane came in and we were able to meet up and go to mission coordination that night. The Sisters in our ward got shut down… so now we have their area book and are splitting the work with the Burnaby South Elders who are now in our district! They had a lady getting baptized next Saturday, so we gave her to the Burnaby South to teach because Elder Hall is training a new missionary there, Elder Ellis, and we felt like that would be a good way to get his mission started. In the baptismal font! It should be really good.

As for us, this week was pretty hard on our area. All of our investigators weren’t able to meet with us this week and everyone outside was freezing and didn’t want to talk to us haha. But now it’s p-day, and things should get better this next week! We did meet this sweet East Indian guy that we set a baptismal date with on the street! He didn’t come to church, but hopefully we are able to meet up with him this week.

I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas again! It feels like last year’s wasn’t long ago at all. I’ll be here in the Burnaby ward for Christmas, and we’ve got a Christmas dinner planned for this Saturday that should be a good time! We’ve got a couple assignments from the ward council to hunt down some “missing members” and get their records updated, so it looks like I’ll be part missionary, part detective this week! Hopefully it gets warmer this week… But winter is just beginning! Well that’s about it for this week! Have a great week everyone! I love you all! Talk to you later!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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