New Westminster: The Royal City

Skyler and Vancouver Elders

Skyler with the Vancouver Elders.

Hello everyone! This week was pretty great! I saw this morning on President’s e-mail that another person I taught in Langley YSA got baptized!. Crazy stuff! There was also a baptism in Vancouver 1st ward that we went too on Saturday and Elder Buchanan and I got to sing with a bunch of missionaries at it! I guess this weekend was just a baptizing weekend!

So New Westminster is the oldest city in B.C. and used to be the capital until Victoria, on Vancouver Island, was chosen by Queen Victoria to be the new capital. New West has a TON of old buildings and is filled with lots of historic stuff, so it’s cool to walk around and see a bunch of plaques, monuments and whatnot. In today’s age, it is also a gathering place for a bunch of African people!!

The New West sisters gave us a super solid investigator who is from Nigeria! They set up a lesson for us to go visit him and a member from the ward. The member from our ward is from Ghana. The lesson went super good! The investigator and the member talked a lot about how corrupt Africa was while we were there… one of their cousin’s had just died in a hospital in Nigeria because they medicine they gave her was really just water in a bag! He was pretty upset about that. But we teach the Plan of Salvation and he REALLY enjoyed it, so hopefully we can get him baptized in December! His wife is from Croatia and she is pretty anti… But he is a solid guy. There was one awkward moment in the lesson though where our member Brother said, “If she’s not ok with you getting baptized, just divorce her. Those white people don’t understand us anyways.” …….   Oh man! That one went in the journal —ha-ha!

We taught our friend and his wife again this week. They are from Ghana and after the lesson, they fed us this SUPER spicy African soup!! I like spicy Mexican food, but that African food was another level!! They are a solid African family, but they are super busy so we’ve been having problems trying to visit them. Hopefully we will be able to meet with them more and they can get baptized in December! That’s the plan!

This week we gave a blessing to a baby in the hospital. It was actually the same baby we had given a blessing to a couple weeks ago when she was first born (I think I might have mentioned her.) but this time she was back because she wasn’t eating. The family are non-members, but the mom’s brother is a less-active member in Vancouver 1st ward. The mother of the baby was very appreciative that we came to give her baby another blessing! Then we kept texting her to follow up and by Saturday (about 2 days after the blessing) the baby still wouldn’t take a bottle or anything, but she would eat some other baby food! So they should be out of the hospital by today. Miracles! It was pretty sweet.

This week is transfer week so I added a picture of my district and the place where I come to e-mail every week! In the picture are Elder Buchanan and I, and then Elder Kim, Porter and Robinson who are the British Columbia Korean Missionaries! There aren’t any other Korean missionaries in the province, so literally the whole province is their area. Exchanges are always fun! I don’t think I’ll get transferred and I really like the ward here, but we will see tonight!

The Elders Quorum President fed us Deer wrapped in Bacon last night and it was SUPER good! Then they gave us a jar of homemade applesauce–which I haven’t had since I was serving in the Okanagan last year! They are an awesome couple! He is 24 which makes me laugh because I think he is one of the youngest members of the Elder’s quorum! Another member of our ward is probably our best friend in the ward because he always travels to the states and brings us back milk, eggs, and of course, American Oreos! If I do get transferred, I’ll miss this ward! (Skyler Loves the American Oreos and they don’t have them in Canada!!!)

I was on exchanges with Elder Kim on Tuesday and we visited a less-active family. This Brother is French-Canadian and his wife is from Vietnam and speaks little English. They met online and got married ha-ha… Now they have a five year old son named Manny who is a little ball of energy! So anyways, while we were over there, She was talking to Elder Kim (who is Korean, but has citizenship in America too) and was trying to get him to marry her niece in Vietnam so she could come to North America! Elder Kim freaked out and threw me under the bus by saying, “Elder Rushton doesn’t have a girlfriend! And he’s American too!!” So then she pulled up this dating website to show me pictures of her niece who, “speak real good English!” Apparently she loves doing dishes and cooking too… Maybe she is the woman for me??? Ha-ha-ha?! President Marr was with us and he was just laughing to death. Luckily we got out of there single and then this Brother and his wife came to church on Sunday! The first week I was here was the first time missionaries have visited them, and this Brother has come to church the majority of the week’s I’ve been here! That family is definitely my biggest success story of New West thus far!

Well everyone, that’s about it for the week! I love you all and I hope you all have a really great week! Talk to you later! Love you bye!

–Elder Rushton The Third


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