Firing Up the Christmas Spirit

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton

Hello everyone! This week, the Christmas season was launched for us! We had a bunch of conference calls, a district meeting, and another fireside at church about the church’s “He is the Gift” initiative that they just started. They are really going at it full force! The “He is the Gift” cards are the only ones we are passing out right now and it feels like every conversation I have with anyone is all about Christmas! Except the Muslim people… then we just talk about… something else ha-ha.


This week we had our ward Christmas dinner. We invited a TON of people to it that were non-members, less-actives and recent converts (that had gone less-active…) And we had a lot of success! One family in particular came and loved it!¬†They also brought a non-member friend, which was great!¬†They are less active (it always surprises me how much better at missionary work less active members are than active members ha-ha) , but I have been working with them since I got here.


Well they came to the dinner, ALL of them came to church and then we went and saw them Sunday night. For some reason they like me a lot (not so much my companion, probably because he’s quiet ha-ha) so when we were talking, I kept bringing up the temple with them. Then, finally, I just challenged them to work towards getting sealed in the temple. They said yes! So that was awesome. I love them so much!


Another miracle we had with the Christmas dinner was a recent convert/less active guy. He works on Sunday’s but he’s a super nice guy and he’s got a testimony. While we were at the dinner, I told him to ask his boss again for Sunday’s off. He said he would do it, and I’m really praying that he will be able to come back to church! One other less active/recent convert family came and they brought another non-member friend! He was dating one of them and wasn’t super interested in the gospel (just the food…), but we gave him a Book of Mormon which was cool. Those ward activities really worked miracles!


On Sunday, it was fast and testimony meeting! The Assistants came, surprisingly, and ended up monopolizing sacrament meeting and gospel principles ha-ha. Members weren’t crazy happy about that, but at least it made them appreciate the missionaries serving in their ward a lot more ha-ha! Sunday night, we had deer stew with our Elders Quorum president and then watched the first Presidency Christmas devotional at his house! It was a good time. They also made some mint Nanaimo bars which are a Canadian classic! Canadian Christmas is great!


Well I’m out of time sadly enough! But the weather got better up here; we met some CRAZY anti and apostate people and worked with our members a lot. Missionary work is coming along up here in the great white North!

Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much! Have a holly jolly Christmas!!


–Elder Rushton The Third


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