Christmas Time….It’s Here! Dec 22, 2014

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Englestead

Skyler and Elder Englestead

Hello everyone! It is the week of Christmas and stuff is nuts. I am in the Vancouver YSA right now for those I haven’t been able to tell, and I am with an Elder Snelgrove and Elder Anderson. It’s pretty great! We have been going to Downtown Vancouver all week and talking to people about what they like to do for Christmas. Because only like 1 in every 10 people is white down there, I’ve gotten quite a few different responses. Like, “What’s Christmas?” (from a Chinese guy who didn’t speak English), or “December 25th isn’t Christmas, it’s Jesus’ birthday!!!” (From an angry Pentecostal lady) and “Jesus wasn’t BORN on December 25th, that’s when the Alien’s brought him to Earth! What do you think that bright star was?” (Courtesy of some crazy homeless man downtown!) It has been quite the experience ha-ha.

So in the YSA, there is a boatload of less active, recent converts. We did a lot of work with them this week to spread the Christmas cheer around! And it paid off big time! The majority of the people we met with this week came to church and had a great time. One of our investigators, this sweet Korean guy, really liked it and is excited to get baptized in January! He fell asleep in sacrament meeting right next to me though and when he woke up, he looked at me and in his loud, broken English said, “Oh! I fell asleep!” Ha-ha oh man, I was dying during the closing hymn! Good times.

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we are going Downtown and singing Christmas songs with the YSA! Hopefully people Downtown appreciate it! We were there last night and there was a band on the street playing Christmas songs! It was pretty cool, but people didn’t seem too into it. Tough crown, tough crowd. The shopping chaos going on down there right now is ridiculous and there are a TON of tourists! Elder Snelgrove and I met this sweet couple from Brazil that really wanted to learn more! They go back to Brazil in two months; hopefully we can get them baptized before than!!

Well that’s the gist of the week for y’all! Hope you have a spectacular Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day!! That’s the day after Christmas for your information, considering¬†all of you are from America. But I still wish you a happy Boxing Day! And a Merry Christmas! I love you all! I will talk to you later!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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