Swapping it Up! Feb 9, 2015

Elder Skyler Rushton with 2 Priests in the Langley Ward

Elder Skyler Rushton with 2 Priests in Langley Ward

This week was pretty great with lots of crazy experiences! Today is Family Day, so all the libraries are closed, but luckily we’ve got a family history center here in Burnaby. Thank you Heavenly Father for the Spirit of Elijah! So now, onto the week!


Wednesday we had a crazy awesome “Specialized zone training meeting” with President Burt and his Assistants. President talked a bit about how he built up “Burt’s Brothers Tires” around focusing on customer satisfaction. He related it to talking to people on the street about the gospel. “If you are bored with the conversation, so are they.” It was really cool when we talked about how we were called here to be both the “Elder” and the “Rushton” (or whatever last name) in the Canada Vancouver mission. Being an obedient Elder, but also the unique individual we all are. It was cool! And we also talked about new ways of finding; I’ll talk about that in a sec. After the meeting, we had a lesson with some less actives and that was pretty much all of Wednesday!


Thursday was planning and a dinner with some Filipino’s! They made us some amazing sweet and sour lasagna! So good. Then on Friday I was with our District Leader, Elder Hall from Spanish Fork, in New West. It was super cool–taught some lessons, met a cool Jewish guy who had played at some “Mormon Temples in Texas” in his Jazz band, and gave a blessing to another less active!


We did lots of finding too, and met some weirdo’s and some cool people. That night, my comps drove me to Vancouver so I could go on exchange with the zone leaders on Saturday! They dropped me off and then I realized… I still had the New West house keys and phone ha-ha! So they were driving in darkness, but luckily they went and knocked on the Burnaby Elders window and stayed the night with them! The Terrace Elders were with Van YSA for mission council, so there were six of us in one apartment! It was a gong show! But awesome!


Saturday Elder Atwood and I were all over Vancouver on transit! It was an awesome day, and we tried out a new way of finding. So this is it: We’ve been going into different stores downtown and while people are shopping, striking up a conversation and then bringing in the gospel! It’s more than a little nerve wracking, but it’s good practice for being a member-missionary back home! We did it in a book store, a Target and a store called Winners. It was great! We found some sweet people to teach in the “Religious Books” section! Then we ended up buying a homeless man a bagel in a Tim Horton’s, and teaching him the gospel! Super sick; and then on our way home, we ran into another person Elder Atwood had met in Surrey and he became a new investigator! It was a crazy miraculous day/exchange.


Then Sunday was really good too–we have a member living in a care home who LOVES missionary work, and we keep giving him book of Mormons that he’s giving out to his care home neighbors! Which is great, except they are all like, 90 years old… Another one prepared for the spirit world!


Well I’m out of time for this week, but I hope you all have an excellent week! Love you guys so much! Thanks for all of your love and support! Talk to you later!


–Elder Rushton The Third


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