An Island Adventure!

Skyler catches a wild bird.

Skyler helped catch this wild bird in a member’s house.

Hello friends and family! So transfers have come and gone! I am now serving in Courtenay, British Columbia! It is on Vancouver Island, the Northern part, part of Nanaimo stake. It looks a lot like the Oregon coast up here, and I forget I’m on an island for the most part. We got our calls Monday night, and they closed the New Westminster mission, so we had to clean up our apartment REALLY well. We packed and said goodbye to our favorite members on Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we were off! Elder Sanders got transferred to Prince Rupert (up North), Elder Lunt got transferred to Victoria (South Island) and I’m here!

Elder Lunt and I got dropped off at the ferry terminal in Richmond at 10:00 a.m. We hung out until our ferries came, and then we parted ways! I got to come up to the Nanaimo ferry terminal with 4 other Elders, so I had some company for the 2 hour ferry ride the beautiful ride! The Campbell River Elders picked me up, and drove me to Courtenay, which was about 45 minutes away. It was a spectacular drive!

My new companions are Elder Shin (a Korean guy from New Zealand) and Elder Robinson (a half-Korean guy from Georgia, but actually went to Pleasant Grove High School with me for a year!) They are incredible missionaries, and super chill at the same time! They also both know Korean, and they seem to have sought out all the Korean people in town… So sometimes I’m just that awkward white guy who doesn’t know what’s going on haha. The work in Courtenay is on fire right now. My comps got here last transfer to replace the sisters, and have been tearing it up ever since. Since I got here Wednesday, all we’ve really had time for is teaching!

So I don’t have a ton of time, because earlier today we went hiking/geocaching with our land lords (who are members) to Seal Bay, a beautiful beach that is just like the ones in Oregon. Then we ate at Costco with them, bought groceries, and now I’m trying to fly through sending an email!

We are teaching some amazing people. The day I got here (in fact, my first hour here) we went to go teach someone who wasn’t home, but his upstairs came running out to us and essentially said, “I have wanted to talk to you guys forever! I want a fresh start to life, I want to come to your church, and I want to be baptized.” Miracle! Another solid guy we are teaching is “Splash”.  He used to be a wrestler for charity, so “Splash” is his stage name. He is awesome, has had some amazing experiences with prayer (for example, he prayed that he could make more money so he could pay tithing, and then next day he got a $400 bonus!) and we are taking him to an F.H.E. activity tonight!

Then there another investigator, who we actually forgot we had an appointment with, but texted us Tuesday morning saying he was at the church! So we grabbed a member and ran over to teach him! We set a baptismal date, he came to church, and last night he told us he about an amazing experience he had: He was driving home from work at night, and stopped to look at the stars and listen to a sweet song on the radio. All of a sudden the song was like, “Everything is about to change.” And he felt the spirit super strong. So he said a prayer, looked up, and saw a shooting star. Miracles!!! He told us he believes our message and wants to be baptized. I’m telling ya, every day has been like that since I got here haha.

Ok, last story. There are a couple islands we cover, so we have to take ferries to get to them sometimes. We took a trip to one on Friday–Denman island. It was CRAZY! We ran into the biggest hippies I’ve ever met, saw a gigantic boar, caught a snake and met somebody with a huge wolf for a dog! That was pretty intense haha.

Well I’m out of time for this week! But I love you all, and am praying for you! Thank you for your support! Oh yeah, we saw an Orca two days ago too. That’s just Courtenay for ya I guess! Have a great week everyone! Love you!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I really enjoy reading your letters! It is really uplifting to be able to enjoy your missionary activities. It is great to know that we have the Gospel and to know that we are children of our Heavenly Father! God bless you in your work! We pray for you always and are very proud of you!
    Aunt LeAnn

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