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Elder Skyler Rushton in Car Mirror

Elder Skyler Rushton

We took our car into the shop Wednesday morning to fix a crack in the bumper that was there before we got the car; we have been on public transit ever since… It is just as bad as it was when I was on public transit two months ago!! Busses still never come on time, the weirdest people EVER ride the busses and we really wish we had bikes! The shop told us our car would be done on Friday, so we called to check on it and they were like, “Oh, we found out we didn’t have all the parts. So it might be done Tuesday.” I’m gonna flip if it isn’t done on Tuesday haha!! Oh well, just another one of those “real life experiences” eh?

So other than that, this week was pretty good! It has been crazy hot up here the last few days. I was on exchanges with Elder Zamano, who is from Mexico, and even he was like, “Man,it is hot!” It has been pretty humid, so I think that’s a big factor in how hot it feels, but apparently we broke some kind of heat record for the city last Tuesday. Crazy!

So Elder Zamano and I were on exchanges Tuesday and we had a good time! It was Canada day, so there were many people walking around in Canada attire! The whole time we were at the bus loop contacting, I just kept looking for Spanish people to send Elder Zamano over to talk to! And it worked! There was a guy from Guatemala and two guys from Mexico that became new investigators! We won’t get to teach them–we passed them off to the Surrey Spanish Elders–but they were still cool to meet! The two Mexican guys worked on a cucumber farm and didn’t speak a lick of English, but after Elder Zamano talked to them, they started making fun of me because I “No Habla’ed Espanol!” I’ve never felt so discriminated against before haha… On that note, some dude called Elder Zamano an illegal alien at the bus loop! I was like,”Whoah, that’s not cool man.” My goodness, the nerve of some people…

So then Elder Bennett and I have been on busses and it has been pretty much the same old same old. We did another exchange with the Pitt Meadows Elders on Friday to Saturday that was lots of fun. I went to “Pitt Ghetto’s” with Elder Alldredge and we met a cool dude named  that we set a baptismal date with on the street. The whole time we were talking to him, he had a sorta crazy look in his eye and I kept thinking he might stab us or something. But then he turned out to be pretty chill and he even came to church yesterday in Pitt meadows! They taught him later that night and he committed to live the word of wisdom, law of chastity and the law of tithing. So hopefully he stays on track for getting baptized on July 26th!

We had an investigator show up to church with his less-active, common law wife, so that was cool. They are Native, they make Native art and they are home all day because they live on disability (which seems to be the case with roughly 80% of the investigators we find ). This investigator believes in evolution, which is actually very weird for a native, so that’s the biggest challenge we are tackling with him right now. But he loves the Book of Mormon so far, so I think we will be able to help him get a testimony. We had a couple other people that were supposed to come to church, but they flaked out on us. I would feel worse about it, but since it was fast Sunday (AKA “Jump up Sunday” as a less-active called it!) I’m actually not too disappointed they didn’t come… we got some pretty strange testimonies haha. Fast and testimony meetings are ALWAYS exciting for missionaries!

Well that’s really it for this week! The other really big event is that our new mission president, President Burt, has now taken over the mission. We get a zone conference with him tomorrow which should be fun. Not much has changed in the mission YET, but we are still keeping our fingers crossed for iPads haha! Have an awesome week everybody! I love all of you and I hope that your summer’s are going fantastic! Talk to you later!


–Elder Rushton The Third



My new mailing address for the next few weeks is:

Elder Rushton

20050 55A Ave #209

Langley, BC

V3A 4K9 Canada

“O Canada… Not My Home or Native land!” June 30th, 2014

Skyler's 19th Birthday June 26th

Skyler’s 19th Birthday June 26th



In sacrament meeting yesterday, they had us stand and sing all four verses of, “O Canada”… That is the longest, slowest, most boring national anthem ever ha-ha. I swear we sang it for like, seven minutes. As you can probably tell from the title of my e-mail, I didn’t quite sing all the words right… But it was better than me breaking into the “Star Spangled Banner” in the middle of the song ha-ha.

Before I forget, we are moving this week to a new apartment here in Langley. So hold off on letters until I get you the new address next week!

Tomorrow is Canada day! It is Canada’s attempt to replicate Independance day. They will have fireworks, but we probably won’t be able to see them from our apartment :( oh well, maybe next year! )People everywhere are driving around with Canadian flags and whatnot. Elder Bennett and I were going to put an American Flag on our car… but some crazy Canuck would probably smash in our window ha-ha. Canada is a pretty good country, but nothing is better than the U.S.A.! Especially because it is talked about in the Book of Mormon! So take that Canada!!

Elder Bennett and I had a pretty weird week. We were looking at apartments and we showed up at this one complex and asked, “Do you have any one bedroom apartments available?” And the landlord gave us the weirdest look ever ha-ha… It is even funnier because that’s the one that our housing coordinator decided to go with! It should put him at ease when he sees us hauling in two beds. I realized just a little bit more about how weird missionaries must seem to people who don’t know what we are all about. I mean, two young single adults living together in a one bedroom apartment with no TV. computer, paying job, family nearby and asleep at 10:30. Pretty sure that’s unheard of in the “normal” world. Oh well, looks like me being kind of different before my mission prepared me for this kind of treatment!

At the bus loop yesterday, this drunken homeless guy came up and yelled at us while we were trying to talk to other people for like 10 minutes. Finally he stopped and a couple minutes later he came up to me and gave me, what I think, was some kind of apology ha-ha. He was so crazy; I don’t know what was going on ha-ha. He kept holding his marijuana super close to my face, so I had to keep pushing him back a bit! He also put his arm around me at one point and turned to my companion and said, “This young man is a pretty boy! Just look at that smile!” And then he kept telling really, really lame jokes Hahira. Man, the people I have to deal with in this city sometimes…

We visited a member’s work this week; he does “Hydrographics” so it was pretty cool to see how all that worked! Then, as we were leaving, there was someone across the street sweeping up his shop, so we went over and talked to him. Turns out he was studying to be a Baptist minister. Shoot. He had us get out our, “swords” (our bibles) as he called it, and we spent the next 30 minutes in yet another trinity bash. We had four, I think, this last week and they always end the same: the other person walks away frustrated or their bus comes, and they leave not having learned anything and still stuck in their stupid Trinitarian notions. I wonder how Joseph Smith converted the bashers? That would be a cool question to ask him!

Those are really the points of this week that really stuck out in my mind! Other than that, life has kind of been the same old, same old. Our new mission president, President Burt, gets here tomorrow, so that should be fun! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! They meant a lot! I love all of you!! Have a wonderful week!! –Elder Rushton The Third

(Note from Parents–Skyler’s new Mission President are our neighbors cousins!  President and Sister Burt  Small world!

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton




Lu’au In Langley!

Ephesians 6:11-13 "Put on the whole armour of God."

Ephesians 6:11-13 “Put on the whole armour of God.”

Good afternoon world! The sun is out, the moose are roaming, the beavers are singing and transfer calls are passed! It’s the end of another crazy week in the great Future-United-State of Canada!

Well, I’m not going anywhere for transfers! Looks like I’ll be in Langley for six more weeks! Which I’m content with; Langley is a super good area and our zone has been one of the top zones in the mission for the last two months! The work here has just exploded and our zone of 12 companionships baptized 2-3 people a week. So that’s pretty good if you ask me! Last week, our zone found 234 new investigators and taught 137 Member Present Lessons which is incredible considering that that is about what the mission was at when I first got here! My first week in the mission, the mission found 110 new investigators and taught 300 member present lessons. Now the mission is at about 1,500 new investigators and 600 MPL’s a week. Those numbers are shocking if you ask me!

So Elder Bennett and I found about 18 new investigators last week, so we did pretty good there! We are going to get some members out street contacting with us next week so we can go on splits and I’m sure that we’ll have even more success! All day Saturday was wrecked with our Ward Lu’au. We painted a lady’s fence and power washed her house in the morning, and then we went to the church for the rest of the day! Elder Bennett and I took some selfies with the roasted pigs and then set up stuff for our temple walk around. While we were helping set up the sound system for the Polynesian dancing, I noticed that at the front of the stage, they had a banner that said, “Aloah!” And I was like, “Uh… that’s not how you spell it.” And the lady who spelled it was like, “What do you mean?” So I told her, “You spell it A-L-O-H-A.” but she still didn’t get it, so I walked up to the banner (luckily you could move the letters around!) and fixed it and she said, “Ohhhhhh, that looks MUCH more Hawaiian!” Not exactly sure what that means, but all I learned from Saturdays that white people cannot party like Polynesians. Also, skinny white kids doing the Haka is super funny.

Our temple tours were pretty good! I learned a lot about the temple here in Langley from doing it and everyone that came on the tours loved the temple! We didn’t get any referrals from the Luau itself… but yesterday Elder Bennett and I ran into a guy who came on the street and he became a new investigator! So hopefully that continues to happen! The food was super good; we had chop suey, some kind of noodles, rice, stir-fry, coconut cake and of course, pig! However, even with roasting two pigs, they ran out of pig by the time Elder Bennett and I got around to eating… so that was a letdown. And it was a flash back to back home when Bonne Nuit played Long horn days and they didn’t feed us because they ran out of food… sad times haha. But what we did eat was excellent and the Polynesian dancing was great. However, watching girls dance with their hips is super awkward as a missionary when you are trying to talk to non-members at the same time…

Also this week, we gave a blessing to a recently moved in sister in the ward. While we were there, she was showing us all these church books she was reading. One of them just happened to be, “The Life Before” By Brent L. Top; my stake president back home!! So that was crazy! We also met a bunch of people with missing limbs this week that became investigators. One investigator was missing a leg, but I found out he is in a hardcore punk band playing guitar! He and I talked about punk music for like 30 minutes and he was super funny.

Well that’s really about it for this week! The weather up here has been great and the sky when the sun is going down has been b-e-a-utiful! British Columbia is known for its beautiful skies and it sure hasn’t been disappointing me! I hope you all have an excellent week and that the spirit of the Lord is with you wherever you go! Love you all!!!

–Elder Rushton The Third

PS: Note from Mom–Skyler’s 19th Birthday is on June 26th!

A Truly Miraculous Baptism!

Elder Skyler Rushton Studying Scriptures

Elder Skyler Rushton studying.

So we had a baptism yesterday!  So his story goes something like this: He watches South Park and The Book Of Mormon Musical and thinks, “Is this was Mormons really believe?” Then, he goes on, sees a tab that says, “Request a free book” clicks on it, types “I want to become a Mormon” in the comments section and sends all of his information in to Church Headquarters! Then, Elder Bennett and I knock on his door and ask if we can come in. Then he said,”Uh sure, I guess so!” and let us in. So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized! He told us later that he was completely not expecting that ha-ha, but he said yes! So our next lesson with him, we taught him the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. He asked a few dumb questions that he found online (For example, “Does your magic underwear make you fly?”), but other than that, he was golden! Then we handed him off to the YSA and two and half weeks later, he was baptized! So we went to his baptism yesterday and two others were baptized with him! A recent convert of three weeks baptized him, so that was like the cherry on top! To sum everything up, this church must be true if something like South Park or a Broadway musical can get people to join ha-ha.

So apart from his baptism, this week was also super miraculous in other regards! We found 32 new investigators this week and set eight baptismal dates on the street! We also took a member out finding with us! He was hit by a car at four years old so he has some handicaps, but he followed us around on his little scooter while we talked to people downtown! We had him bear his testimony on simple things like going to church while we got people’s information. We found six people in an hour and set one date! It was sweet!

I met one of my favorite people we met this week…. He is a nerd, and he loves it haha! We talked to him downtown and I asked him what he was up too and he said, “Well, I’m looking for things to put in my nerd cave that repels women. That way, I never have to get married, and I never have to grow up!.” Haha, classic. He also said, “I hit rock bottom when I ended up working at McDonald’s.” Hahaha, super funny guy!

I made an investigator, a promise that if he never smoked pot again, I wouldn’t drink apple juice (which I drink ALOT of!) again on my mission, but he slipped up so I’m in the clear! I got to talk to Sister Tilleman (mission mom) and her son Dan Tilleman at the baptism yesterday and they are so cool. I’m going to miss them a lot when they leave the first week of July. I also found out that she and President Tilleman got married when she was 18 and he was 26! Crazy!

Well there were a lot of other miracles that happened this week, but I hope you enjoyed the few that I shared with you! The Lord truly did bless us this week and I am so glad that I have been able to be part of this work! The Gospel is true; you can. Not. Debate that. You can bash with people all day about the trinity, their idea of grace, or the priesthood– but the gospel is so true that no one can debate it. And one last thing to make clear this week, the Trinity is not true. If you have questions about that, read this talk and get back to me:

God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate, distinct personages. I leave that with you this week, and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!!

–Elder Rushton The Third


A Week of the Crazies!

Elder Skyler Rushton and anti-gambling

Skyler by an anti-gambling PSA.

This week was pretty great but Holy Cow, it was crazy! So much happened this week I definitely won’t get to it all in this e-mail, but I’ll just tell you some stories I guess!

We went on exchanges Tuesday and I was with Elder B to the -onfield (or as everyone else calls him, Elder Bonfield.) in Willoughby. We had a great lesson with their baptismal date –and he is totally getting baptized. We watched the Restoration DVD with him and afterwards I just straight up asked him, “So , do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?” And he said, “Oh yeah, totally.” So I said, “Sweet, and do you believe the Book of Mormon is the Word of God?” And he was like, “Yeah! It’s so cool how it works with the Bible!!” It was awesome. Then we went and did a service project for this really old member and we cut down entire trees with a chainsaw (I ended up having to take it away from the member and do it myself because I was afraid he was going to mutilate himself haha… so I got to use a chainsaw this week!) Then we were going to teach another investigator, but we called him to confirm and he kept asking us for money so he could get some cream to treat an S.T.D. he had gotten the day before… We will be teaching him the law of Chastity next lesson!

This week, we got a media referral from Church HQ (which almost never happens here) from an investigator who said he wanted to join our church. We went to his house and he was an 18 year old who had referred himself because he had watched South Park and the Book of Mormon Musical which made him curious as to what we really believe hahaha. So he went on, liked what he saw, and requested a missionary visit! We taught him the whole Restoration and he LOVED it! We put him on date to be baptized May 31st. He came to church yesterday and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity on Saturday, so he is looking golden for getting baptized on the 31st! He even invited a friend over to hear us and now his friend is investigating too! Haha, it was great. But he is YSA, so we will have to hand him over to the YSA missionaries next week, which is kind of sad but they will be good for him!

We taught a 7th day adventist guy this week and it also went super well. He is a youth pastor at his church, is from the Phillipines and loves Jesus. Perfect future young men’s president? I think yes haha. We also taught another investigator, who I’ve actually mentioned before. He is from Iran, is Ba-hai, has gone to school for bible history for four years and speaks Farci. He was actually the sisters investigator, but they gave him to us to teach because  he wanted someone who, “Knew the bible better.” So Elder Bennett and I went and taught him. Our lesson was basically an hour throw-down, drag out, bible bash with him. Only because that is what he wanted it to be. But we’ll be dropping him now; he said he would read the Book Of Mormon, but he won’t get over the fact that there is no bible prophecy that says the exact date of when the church would be restored… Oh well, I guess if he doesn’t believe it he can keep living in darkness!

Next story: Crazy investigator…… Some crazy guy got the Bishops number here and asked for his help in getting a hotel room. So the Bishop helped him, and then texted us that night to go talk to him in the morning. So we did, heard his story about how he is from Utah and his passport got stolen and yada yada yada… I’m pretty sure it was all false. So the Bishop came while we were visiting him and got his deposit back from the hotel. Then, just like eveyone else in Langley that has no money, this guy asked Bishop for more money to buy a phone card and lunch. So the Bishop gave us $50 and said to just “take care of it”. So we were glorified baby-sitters for about 2 hours. So this is where my experiences in Penticton came into play. For my last two months there, people asked us for stuff all of the time and asked for money from the Bishop all the time. I learned that as soon as you give then something–anything–they will keep asking until you put your foot down. That held true with this guy too.  To sum it up, this guy kept trying to use Elder Bennett and I for anything he could get us to do. The only reason I tried to help him out is because Bishop asked us too. Anyways, we wouldn’t let him manipulate us and he kept trying to buy him stuff and do things his way, but he wasn’t in any position to tell us what to do. So we put our foot down and he didn’t like that so he started throwing a fit like a baby, so we just walked away. We didn’t spend any of Bishop’s money on the chump because his story was getting weaker and weaker by the second and eventually he just made it impossible for us to help him. So we told Bishop the whole story, he said we did the right thing, but unfortunately he gave this guy our number so he called us like twenty times. Haha, so there’s my rant about this investigator.

I mowed a lawn for 3 hours (it was an acre and a half) and at one point the mower’s engine completly died. The lady we were doing service for has zero money, but she did have another mower with a broken gas tank. It had a GIANT whole in it. So, what do you do in that situation? You ask for tape. So Elder Bennett and I redneck-rigged the gas tank to not fall off and covered the hole as best we could with surgical tape (she didn’t have duct tape…). I’ll have to get the pictures to you eventually, but suffice it to say that we were happy the mower didn’t burst into flames after two continuous hours of running hahaha. But there sure was a lot of smoke!

Well hopefully you enjoyed one or two of those stories haha! This week was nuts but Mother’s day was super awesome! This week is looking like it will be just as crazy, so I might have a story or two next week! I hope you all had a great week! Hopefully this week is even better for all of you! Love you all! Talk to you later!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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