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General Authorities Enjoy Meetings…….

Austin Rushton and Elder Kunz Giant Pancake

Austin and Elder Kunz enjoy a light breakfast

So this past week was pretty standard schpiel until about Thursday. We finally contacted a referral we got two months ago! And had a lesson and it was great! Now whoever teaches this guy gets to deal with the drama of a divorce (it’s not fun for anyone). It might be me, but I also might get transferred next week. We’ll see what happens!

Friday we had a meeting with Elder Donald R. Clark of the First Quorum of Seventy. It was just us and two other zones plus the mission leadership. And it was FOUR HOURS LONG!!! That’s a long time to sit. It was pretty good, but also pretty standard stuff for the mission. Love the people, talk to everyone, thank your bishops, buy your wives flowers, so on and so forth…After it was over, we spent the next five hours thoroughly cleaning the stake center for stake conference the next day (hence why Elder Clark was in town).

Of course, then Stake conference was two hours Saturday night, and four hours the next morning. So yes, ten hours of meetings this week. It was exhausting.

There were a few highlights that stood out to me though.

1: The new stake president’s philosophy on missionary work. “I believe everyone at some point in their life questions their relationship to deity. I just try to be there.”

2: Elder Clark asked everyone in the audience who had a relative who was a nonmember or less-active member to stand. After everyone stood, he asked, “What would you give to have that person accept the gospel?” and followed up with, “Take care of His, and He’ll take care of yours.”

3: Elder Clark asked everyone in the audience to stand who had a missionary out or was about to send one. He then asked, “How many lessons per week would you like your son/daughter to teach?” Then he asked a panel of our own missionaries how many per week they were teaching (obviously it was underwhelming). Again, “Take care of His and He’ll take care of yours.”

It was a really great stake conference, and very inspiring.

Austin and Elder Kunz finish breakfast

They ate the whole thing!!

We also found out that one of our investigators almost died on Valentine’s Day! He caught viral/bacterial pneumonia and got up to a fever of 104.5 before they got him to the hospital! That near death experience, however, has caused him to want to quit smoking, so yay for that! We’ll be walking him through the church’s addiction recovery program over the next few weeks.

So overall, it was a good week. And to top it all off, our baptism is happening at the end of this week!

One last thing I want do before I close this email is thank everyone who has shown me so much love and support over the past couple weeks. It has been shocking to me how many close friends and family I have who have a history of or with depression. Thank you all so much for your letters, emails, and encouragement. Your prayers are heard and answered, I promise you that. I pray for all of you as well, and am grateful for the many wonderful people my Heavenly Father has placed in my life.

Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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