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  • Austin left on his mission:
    7 years, 1 month, 18 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes, 27 seconds ago

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Fare-thee-well Trailers!

Elder Austin Rushton with Slurpee

Elder Austin Rushton enjoying a Slurpee!

This week I got the news that I would be saying goodbye to White City and hello again to Eugene! I am going to be serving in Springfield (the Siamese twin city to Eugene) in the 1st Ward, which actually borders my old area: Santa Clara 6th Ward. I’m also going to be serving as a District Leader, so I will now have lackeys! Just kidding…but I will get the chance to hopefully help out some people in whatever small way I can.

My last week in White City flew by! We got the chance again to serve food in St. Vincent De Paul’s kitchen service again, so that’s always fun. A lot of the people that come into there for food probably don’t need it and are just taking advantage of the system, but we do it for the few that really do just need a helping hand. Surprisingly, those people who take advantage of it are pretty picky about the food. We even had a guy come back after he had eaten and tell us we didn’t know how to cook vegetables right. People are pretty strange…Oregon never ceases to amaze me.

We actually had a very good week for lessons, but now that I’m leaving I guess that was my final goodbye with a lot of those people. Sunday in church there was actually a little time left at the end of sacrament, so I was invited up to bear a last-goodbye testimony. People were pretty chill about me leaving, though. I didn’t know how to feel about that. I guess they’ve just seen enough missionaries come and go. There were a couple people who were pretty sad to see me go, though. In particular, my convert and a Mexican family I was really close with both were sad to see me go. I actually spent the greater part of Sunday evening with the family eating dinner, taking pictures, and so on. I’m sad to leave White City, but it really is just one more step in my mission.

Well everybody, stay tuned because my adventure as District Leader Rushton in Springfield is just starting to begin. Exciting times are surely ahead, especially as I re-enter the weirdness of Eugene. Thanks everyone for all your support and I’ll write to all of you later! Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I am glad that your mission is going so well! Thanks for sharing your mission experiences with us! It is good for us and gives us a lot of spiritual boosts1 Have a happy day! We love you! Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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