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One Word, Jesus

Austin and his District

Austin’s District Ready for Halloween

Dear Friends and Family, After much thought on the subject, I have decided to have faith in Jesus Christ. That means I’m going to trust that, as long as I do my part and better myself, He’ll take care of the rest and I won’t have to worry about it. He gave me that promise when I was confirmed a member of the Church.

Sincerely,              Elder Rushton

Okay, I know it sounds kind of silly, BUT I FEEL LIKE I’M JUST STARTING TO GET IT! I think I’m just starting to understand what the real “fruits of faith” are! And it’s all based around me! I can control everything–the universe–by just controlling myself. That’s the promise of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It makes me feel pretty special. It also makes me feel extremely inadequate because I’m terrible at self-control! I still get frustrated, angry, sad, etc. But again, the answer is in the promise. God only grants me control of things so far as I am in control of myself, so He won’t give me that which I can’t handle. How great is this guy we call our Heavenly Father, right?

Now, on to my week.

It was great. I learned SOOO much! We met with a lot of people we don’t normally see, I had a great District Meeting, and guess what….we helped people. Really, truly helped them. And by so doing, only helped ourselves. Great feelings were shared by all. We saw our Wicken friend again, and his roommate sat in with us, too. We talked for a long time about how people use God to displace their responsibilities. It was a great discussion on Agency, and I don’t know that they even knew that their beliefs on it were the same as ours! It was just four guys, chillin’, venting to each other about how to solve the problems of the world, but so much ground was gained there.

A similar thing happened with another lady we see quite often. She goes back and forth all the time, and always has some excuse as to why she can’t pursue her investigation of the church. Well we just let her complain to us about her problems for awhile, then testified of the Lord’s plan and promises. I told her about the promise I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, and testified that she too could have that reassurance if she would put God first. She said that it was obvious to her that God came first, but then I said something that made her think. I asked, “Is it?” You should have seen how she looked at me. She was dumbfounded, absolutely taken back by the statement. It was like she wanted to argue with me, but couldn’t find any grounds to do it on. She finally just consented to a prayer and we left, then she texted us a couple days later saying she wanted to just worship on her own. It’s sad, but we can’t force anyone to put God first, I suppose. Still, she won’t reject us; she likes us and the church too much. We’ll be back over there soon.

My district meeting this week was all about faith. I was required by the mission to discuss the proper use of technology in proselyting and “the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion”, but we tied it all back to faith in Jesus Christ and trust in His promises. When my dad was an Elder’s Quorum teacher, he used to tell me that all he really had to do to teach a good lesson was come up with good discussion questions surrounding the topic he was supposed to teach on. There is a lot of truth to that statement because it enables the minds of many to contribute to the knowledge being shared in the lesson, thereby presenting more information to the group. And of course, where there is more information and knowledge, there is greater wisdom to be gained. I fully acknowledge that the sum of my district’s parts is greater than any one alone. Some great questions I presented before the district were how to reconcile quantity of teaching with quality of teaching, distinguishing higher and lower laws, defining roles in conversion, defining conversion, and discussing how to magnify our roles. Everyone had some great input, and it was really fun and educational. It is my hope that everyone really took the time to ponder on what was shared and apply it in their lives. I know it’s helped me access the Gift more, and I’m sure it could help them, too.

Alright, this letter is getting long, but I just want to say one more time that the Gift of the Holy Ghost is God’s promise through Jesus Christ that we can possess everything, control everything, if we will but possess and control ourselves. Being a disciple takes discipline, but it’s how we obtain everything that ever has been, ever is, and ever will be. As long as I focus on me and my relationship with Christ, everything will be alright.

Hope to hear from you all! Be good! Have a great week!


Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    Thank you for sharing your letters. I appreciate them. It is interesting to me as you write about the Holy Ghost that this week I was discussing the Holy Ghost with Izzy, my 6 year great granddaughter. She has so many questions. She was afraid of ghosts and of people breaking in our home. I told her how Gramps (Uncle Darrel) had blessed the house when we moved in. I also told her that the only ghost that she should think about was the Holy Ghost. She asked me who he was, and I told her He was Heavenly Father’s helper. I said that He would let us know what was right. She said that must be what told her heart and head what to do. Pretty astute for a child that doesn’t go to Church.
    Anyway, we never know what effect we will always have on others. All we can do is like you are doing–just keep plugging along! Your Heavenly Father knows and loves you. Your Savior is always with you, too!
    We are very proud of you and send our love. Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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