When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    9 years, 7 months, 15 days, 16 hours, 43 minutes, 29 seconds ago

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To Be Honest, I’m Not Gonna Lie

Elder Rushton and Elder Campbell at Medford, Oregon Temple

I had a companion once who used to really dislike preface phrases like, “To be honest,” “I’m not gonna lie,” and “The fact is.” His reasoning was, “Why do you need to say that? Do you normally lie to me? Do you normally not give [...]

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere!

Elder Austin Rushton at Medford, Oregon Temple

There is a lesson that is of the utmost value every missionary who wishes to find joy in the work must learn. It is that the work that counts most is the work recognized by God alone. It is personal repentance and growth, saying hi to people [...]

Mid-Morning Snacks

Elder Campbell, President Davis and Elder Rushton on Easter.

Well friends, Easter has come and passed. And I have three baskets full of candy.

This is the most candy I’ve gotten on Easter in a long time! And of course it would come at the time I’m trying to lose some of my extra [...]

Missionary on the Roof

Elder Austin Rushton on the roof.

This week’s adventure starts on the roof of our apartment. It was a sunny afternoon during lunch when Elder Campbell felt inspired to fulfill his dream of building a fort. So, grabbing a couple tables, he stacked them and climbed up on top of the shed, then on [...]