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Elder Austin Rushton Fiesta

Elder Austin Rushton has a Fiesta

Family, friends, and acquaintances who read this,

Today we are going to a zone activity. We will be hiking somewhere around Klamath Falls. To save ourselves about 100 miles, we drove an hour up to Lakeview at 7:00am this morning, and are now driving the two hours from there to Klamath. It’s exciting, though, and worth it because we never get to hang out with other missionaries! We’re just too far away!

Over the past week, Elder Townsend and I had some more great times. We had one newer investigator to the church show us that he had read all of the “Restoration” pamphlet and had answered all of the questions in
the back and looked at all the cross-references. Wow, that almost never happens! So we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he LOVED it, especially the principle of agency. I really think this guy could end up a member of the church!

For church this Sunday, we went on over to Cedarville. I’m finally starting to get used to the tiny branch there! There are only 15-20 people there to get to know, though, so I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult. :)  I did decide that the building smells like old people though, hahaha! Almost all of the active branch members are over
fifty, though, so I guess that makes sense. Even the branch mission leader is in his 70′s. We did have a mother and her children visit yesterday, though, so that was a nice change for the elderly branch.

Elder Townsend and I had a sleepover Thursday night with the Tulelake elders in preparation for ZTM the next morning. They had a bunch of Mexican birthday party favors, too, so we had fun with those! (See picture)

ZTM was the same old stuff. More announcements, calendaring, and testimonies with a new rule or two thrown in there. Pretty basic stuff, but I did finally get my official OEM t-shirt afterwards!

That’s all this week! Thanks for all the emails, letters, and prayers everyone!

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