P-Day November 1st–2 Month Anniversary!

Erik got the guitar we sent him! We will be posting up his Detroit photos he sent to us last week shortly.

Here is his email home on P-Day today, Nov 1st.

They should make a “I Survived Devil’s Night in Detroit” T-shirt. I’d wear it.

We had some cool things happen to us this weekend with two of our investigators and their families. We stopped by to talk to Ariel, one of our investigators, and when we knocked on the door her mom answered. Ariel wasn’t home but her mom said that she wanted to start studying with us too. She said that she had been reading the pamphlets that we’d left Ariel to read and really liked them. She also told us that the other day she decided to quit drinking and wanted top change her life around. We set an appointment with her for tuesday. It was really a spiritual experience.
After Ariel we went to stop by Jeremiah to set an appointment with him. While we were talking with him he mentioned that his grandma had died and that their whole family was still pretty sad. We didn’t have a lot of time to meet with him but we were able to start into the Plan of Salvation. His mom decided to listen in too and they both really liked everything we were explaining. We set up an appointment for next Saturday and we’re hoping we can teach both him and his mom.

Dorothy is totally ready to be baptized. She could’ve been baptized last week but she recently had surgery on her neck and we had to push her date back again. We set her new date for Nov.13 but may have to push it back farther if her doctor doesn’t give us permission to go through with it. She’ll be baptized eventually though.
We got transfer calls last Saturday. Elder Erickson and I will stay in Schaefer for at least another 6 weeks. Elder Adamson is leaving Greenfield though so we’ll get a new missionary into our district. I’m glad that I get to stay another transfer here though.

That’s sweet about Justin Blackhurst’s Mission Call!!! We’re still neighbors even in the mission field! To bad Detroit’s better!  HA HA

Well I hope the family is doing well.   Thanks for all of your packages and letters!

Love  Elder Erik Rushton

P.S. – I can’t believe I’ve been out 2 months already!