Biking in the Rain Letter from April 15th, 2013

Erik rides a fish in Detroit

Erik rides a fish in Detroit.

This week was really slow due to horrible weather. We only have a car Thursday – Sunday so Monday-Wednesday we got stuck biking in the rain. Not just a light rain, a full on downpour. There was a flood watch all over Flint and they closed a couple roads down due to flooding dangers. It was a crazy week.

We had one really sweet miracle this week. We have an investigator who’s been learning about the gospel for about 5 months now. He comes to church every week, he reads every day and he was following all the commandments but one – smoking. The first time I met him we put him on baptismal date for April 20th and committed him to quit smoking. He’s had multiple baptismal dates in the past but just hadn’t been able to kick the smoking habit. Well last Wednesday we had an appointment with him and we were trying to figure out what we needed to teach him. Everything we practiced just felt dull and it always led to the same commitment – quit smoking. We decided to just go over and tell him to keep up everything that he is doing and when he feels he’s ready to quit smoking and get baptized to let us know.

So that’s what we planned to teach. We went over there and started with the routine question, “how has quitting smoking going?” I was expecting the usual answers, but he surprised us by saying “it’s going great. I haven’t smoked in 4 days.” My jaw dropped and Elder Nelson didn’t quite know what to say. I asked him what was the difference trying to quit this time as opposed to times in the past. He told us that he decided that he really wanted to be a part of this church and he realized the only way he could do it is to quit. He’s getting baptized this Saturday!!!

Other than that not a whole lot happened around here. Some tracting, some teaching, some pawn shop hopping, just normal missionary life. I’m going to be sending home a letter/package later this week when we have the car back. It’s got a couple cool pages for Austin and Sky to look at that have really helped me on my mission.

Well, I hope the family is doing well. Tell everyone at home hi for me!

-Elder Rushton

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