July 1st letter: Subject: Investigator Slurpee Finding

We had a pretty good week this week in terms of missionary work.
Slurpee’s helped me find another prospective investigator! On Friday we decided to hit 7-11 to end the night and on our way out of the store a guy who had been outside smoking asked if we were the Mormons. When we told him yes we quickly put out his cigarette and apologized for smoking in front of us. We got to talking and we found out that his grandma was a member and that he really hadn’t felt comfortable in any church except the Mormon church. We set up an appointment this week with him and his girlfriend so hopefully all goes well! That’ll be the second investigator I’ve found through that 7-11.
So this morning we had an activity at the stake center with our whole zone and that was pretty fun. Elder Smith and I didn’t stay for long because we brought an investigator with us. The coolest thing about the Grand Blanc stake center is that it’s on a huuuuuge amount of property and has it’s own lake. And I mean it’s a pretty serious lake. Our investigator always wanted to go fishing there so we figured that this would be the perfect opportunity. At first we were only catching smaller Blue Gill fish, but then we decided to try an experiment. I took my knife and murdered some Blue Gill in our bucket, then we started fishing with fish heads! It took a bit, but we ended up catching some pretty bigBass. Elder Smith caught a huge one that’s probably at least 10 inches long.
Unfortunately missionaries aren’t allowed to handle fireworks… But we can watch other people handle fireworks! Things are gonna get crazy out here in Flint! People have been shooting off fireworks for about a week already ha-ha. At first we thought they were just normal gunshots (I never thought I’d ever think a gunshot was normal…) but it turns out it was just fireworks. We got invited to the Smith’s house for the 4th of July and that’s where we’re going to fry up all the fish we caught today. We’re also going to be blowing up a watermelon that we didn’t cut up and eat fast enough.
On Friday we had our chance to meet the new Mission President, Pres.Gerber, and his wife. It was a pretty fun meeting and he is a pretty cool guy. I wish I would’ve had the chance to serve under him longer than I will. Because this Sunday was the 5th Sunday we had a special sacrament meeting all about missionary work. All the missionaries got up and introduced themselves with a short testimony. Apparently I did a good job in not letting people know how soon I go home because I got a lot of looks when I said I go home in 31 days ha-ha. One of the recent converts got up and shared his conversion story and then a former missionary that served in the Flint ward spoke. All of that was followed by our mission president who ditched his own ward on his FIRST Sunday in Michigan to come to our meeting. It was pretty cool and everyone enjoyed it. Plus we had 3 investigators there so that was awesome!
Well I hope you guys are having fun and getting ready for the REAL
party to start when I come home. Don’t get to excited!
-The Original Elder Rushton
Get me Austin’s mission field address as soon as he gets
out because I have something I want to send him.

Elder Erik M Rushton

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