Done and Done

Hey everyone! This is the Original Elder Erik Rushton finally typing on his own blog! I completed my mission to Detroit, Michigan on July 31st 2013 and I want to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given me for the past two years. It truly was an awesome experience and I hope you all had fun reading about it through my blog. I better give a shout out to my mom and my dad for doing such an awesome job at setting up the blog and running it for two years! Whoo! You guys are the bomb!

I’ll still be posting on this blog from time to time to keep everyone updated on what’s going on with my life. For all my friends I made in Michigan, you can now finally see what I’m like outside of the mission field.

A little update on what’s happening right now – I started school at Weber State University on Monday. I’m on scholarship to play trumpet in the band program there. I was in marching band camp all last week and we have our first half-time performance at the football game this Saturday. ¬†School has been fun so far and it’s fun to get back into the routine. I’ve played 7 gigs with my rock band Bonne Nuit so far. I also had the awesome experience to see my little brother Skyler off on his mission to Vancouver, Canada. All in all it’s been a fun month home!

Well, I hope you all keep in touch and continue to follow my blog. For all my pals in Michigan, my Facebook address is



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