July 16th-Spending a Couple Days in the Hospital

Hurley Hospital Flint, Michigan

Erik had a nice stay in Hurley Hospital

Erik didn’t get P day this week.  He was in the hospital in Flint Michigan.  He kept getting sicker and sicker all week and then went to the Insta-care last Friday.  They thought he just needed to wait it out and stay on his antibiotic but by Sunday morning, Erik’s companion knew he needed help.  He was coughing and couldn’t breathe very well. They called the Mission President and he told them to go to the Emergency room.  Erik was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning with Pneumonia.  The mission President called us and told us that he had been admitted and gave us permission to call him!

We called him Sunday afternoon and he didn’t sound very good. He said he was on oxygen and an IV (the first of 2) His spirits were good but he was tired and no appetite.  He has had many visitors including the Mission President and his wife.  We called him again on Monday and he was feeling a little better.  Today, Tuesday, he was released in the afternoon to go home.  He found out that one lung was 2/3 full of fluid and the other was 1/3 full!  It’s good they had him in the hospital!

He has to go back in 10 days for another chest x-ray to make sure the fluid is gone, but he is not taking pain medication any more and his fever is gone.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers on Erik’s behalf.  We are grateful for his Mission President, his companion and those in his ward that came to check on him.

2 more weeks and he will be home!

Letter Home 10/24/2011 Romeo Week 3

Week 3 is done and done! It’s been pretty slow here lately but this week we have a lot of appointments with new potentials we found so hopefully it picks up. It’s getting harder and harder to meet with people now that the weather is getting colder.

As a missionary, we can’t go into a house unless there is another man there who is at least 19. That makes it really hard to meet with our investigators because most are single women or have husbands that work. In the warmer weather we just meet with them outside but we can’t really do that in the cold. From what it sounds like though, next transfer they’re going to send a Spanish speaking missionary up here and we’ll be in a tri-panionship until Elder Erickson leaves. That will be nice because with 3 elders, you’re allowed to go into a home with no males present.

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work with members. We’ve been doing what we call the ‘Preach My Gospel’ activity with them to hopefully get them more comfortable with telling people about our beliefs. Basically, we ask them a question (something like ‘what does your church believe?’) and then give them one minute to answer it. It’s kind of funny watching people stumble over there words trying to get all of our beliefs in one minute. It seems easy to me since I do it every day! After their minute is up we show them that at the end of the Restoration lesson in CH3 of Preach My Gospel, there is a 3-5 minute lesson plan that has a good, easy statement to say that takes less than a minute to say. It’s a fun activity to do and hopefully it will lead to more referrals! We joke around that the mission is where you pay for all the times you turned people away at your door, or for all the times you didn’t give referrals to missionaries. I don’t think I ever gave a referral at home.

Lately, most of our investigators have decided to look up a bunch of Anti-Mormon material on the internet. It really sucks because then we’re stuck answering a bunch of questions and defending ourselves when we shouldn’t have to. When they look up that stuff, they stop reading the BOM too. You can’t gain a testimony of this gospel without reading the BOM! This week we’re just going to tell everyone to stop listening to what OTHER people say about the BOM, and start reading it themselves.

We had a lot of service projects we did this week. People have to rake leaves like crazy out here and I think we racked up 6 hours of leaf raking this week. We also helped a member winterize his boat and later this week we’ll be painting a ceiling for someone. It’s a lot of work but if it leads to referrals and appointments I’m all for it.

Yesterday was stake conference here and it was really far away. We had to drive about 45 minutes both ways. So once again none of our investigators came for the 3rd week in a row…

The Halloween decorations out here are amazing! There is a street right across from out apartment complex called Tillson St. that is well known around Michigan for their Halloween and Christmas decorations. We walked down it last week and it was really really cool. Mom would drool over it! This Friday is the branch Halloween party and we have permission to go too so that should be fun.

Well I guess I’ll talk to you guys later. Tell everyone in the Family and Sis.Peck and Sis.Sabin for writing! Hopefully I have enough time to write back today! Say hi to Fritz for me!- (His Friend returns from his mission this week)


Erik Returns To The Mission Field

Setting Erik Apart For His Mission

Erik's Setting Apart

We’re happy to announce that Erik has returned to complete his mission in Detroit, Michigan. Erik flew out of Salt Lake City on October 3, 2011. We are sad to have him gone but excited that he is continuing the work he began last year. His testimony of the atonement is much stronger and he is ready to preach the gospel.

Erik flew out with some other missionaries that came from the MTC and were on their way to Detroit as well. We are waiting to hear who Erik’s new companion is. We do have his address and he would love to get letters from anyone that wants to write to him. Here is his new address:

Elder Erik Rushton
514 Plum Ct.
Romeo, MI 48065

We will be updating Erik’s blog with his letters home so check back often.

Erik Leaving For Detroit At The Airport

Erik Leaving For Detroit - Salt Lake City Airport

Temporarily Home

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for the love and support that you have shown me these past few months as I left to go to serve the Lord in Detroit. Unfortunatly, I have had to return home to take care of some personal issues. Everything is running smoothly as planned and I will be eligible to return to Detroit next September. I hope that you can all continue to support me and I look forward to further preparing myself to serve the Lord the best I can.

Love, Erik

Erik’s Flying out on Monday, Sept 20th

Erik sent a short letter home with a photo of his flight plans.  He has to be ready to leave the MTC on Monday, Sept 20th by 4 AM!  His flight is at 7 AM and he will arrive in Detroit Michigan at 12:46 PM local time. We are looking forward to a short phone call from him while in the airport–at least that is what we hear! You can still write to him FREE through Dearelder.com for a few more days!  After that it will be snail mail but we will give you the address. He already loves to get letters!

Erik Enters The MTC September 1, 2010

Erik Rushton

Erik Was A Little Grouchy Before He Became A Missionary

Erik entered the MTC on September 1st with much hugging and crying from his parents. He’s excited to be there and is looking forward to homesickness, caffeine withdrawal and everything that accompanies the first week in the MTC.

One bad part of dropping him off that day was that due to construction, even the MTC sign in front of the building was torn down.   At least we knew he was going to the right place because of all the other missionaries being dropped off! Because of the new drop off guidelines, we had to turn him over to another Elder who helped get his luggage across the street and into the MTC.  Our prayers are with you Erik!