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Penticton BC, Canada arial shot

Skyler’s current city. Penticton BC, Canada

Hey everyone!

So sadly enough, our last 2 hopefuls are no longer investigators. One claims that God told him to read the ENTIRE BIBLE before he meets with us again haha. He was like, “Yeah come back in 30-60 days and I’ll be done.” Haha, yeah right. And the other? He invited us to come back next week but I just had to tell him straight up, “Look, this isn’t going anywhere. We love you, and if you ever need help call us; but for now we aren’t going to plan on coming back.” He was cool with it and understood… I’m going to miss our conversations haha.

Also this week, we had to do exchanges twice with the Westbank Elders because we both had so many teaching appointments. Our district is leading the zone in every key indicator, which is awesome! We’ll be having our first baptism as a companionship on Sept. 21st for an 18 yr. old boy. Hopefully there will be many more in the coming month!

With every person I talk to I pretty much force them to take a mormon.org <http://mormon.org>  or familysearch.org <http://familysearch.org>  card from me. I’ve found that I’m really good at getting those cards out into the public, but I don’t know how many people actually go on those websites haha. But If we start getting slammed with media referrals I’ll know that it’s working!

Time for the crazy story of the week: So we did exchanges with the Westbank Elders on Wednesday. Elder Bolkcom and I stayed in Penticton (which is about 45min-1hr from Westbank) and Elder Sly and Elder Jensen stayed in Westbank. So I drove up to Westbank the next morning and we worked there all day. So at the end of the day, we exchanged back and Elder Sly and I went back to Penticton. When we got to our door, we realized Elder Bolkcom still had the keys to our apartment and he was all the way in Westbank… So we had to drive back. So basically, I ended up spending about 4-5 hours driving on Wednesday because we had to drive to appointments in-between our driving to Westbank and back four times. It was nuts. But fun!

We also had dinner with a local family  Sunday night. They’re less-actives and they kept us there… for three hours. We could not get out of there and it was one of the craziest experiences of my life haha. Well that’s about it for now! We’re finding a bit of success in Penticton and hopefully we’ll start to have more!

Oh yeah, Elder Sly and I gave talks on Sunday. That was sweet. The ward loved it and we made a lot of connections with ward members through our talks! Anyways, have an awesome week everyone! If your a missionary, always keep your eyes open for people you can help and talk too. Then, help or talk to them! This actually applies to everyone because we’re all missionaries in some capacity. So go about doing good this week! I’ll talk to you all next week but for now, have an amazing week!

–The Third Elder Rushton


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