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Skyler's apartment exterior.

The outside of Skyler’s apartment.

SNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! That’s all I have to say this week, so have a great week everyone!

Nah, just kidding; but it’s true! We got snow last Tuesday and it’s snowed a couple times since! Most of the snow melts down here in the actual valley, but all of the mountains around us are covered in snow. I finally caved in and bought a scarf and some nice red Canada mittens. I wear them while I go tracting and people have made fun of them… but they keep my hands nice and toasty warm, so I’m going to keep wearing them!

This week was pretty good. Funny story true story: Elder Sly makes me knock every single door so I’ve actually developed calluses on my knuckles. I didn’t even know that was possible ha-ha. We had mission conference on Thursday this week and Elder Paul V. Johnson of the First Quorum of the Seventy came to speak to us. So that was definitely the highlight of the week.

Tuesday, I was with Elder Fitzner (a zone leader) and we desperately searched for someone to take to a dinner that night so we could eat something other than potatoes! I’ve told all of you this a few times, but we aren’t allowed to eat at member’s houses unless there is a recent convert, less-active or non-member there. So that’s why we were searching for someone! Anyways, so we found a less-active and took him with us. We went to the Masons home and had real-Canadian Poutine! It was soooo good!!! (Elder Fitzner thought it was so good that he ate way too much and… well, let’s just say it didn’t end well). I hope I can have that meal again because it BLEW MY MIND!

Wednesday we spent the majority of the day traveling on the Coquihalla–the most dangerous highway in all of North America. It was super crazy; we drove through a blizzard! We were on a Greyhound bus and it was pretty frightening but wasn’t frightening enough because I still fell asleep on the ride haha. We stayed with the Elders in Surrey for mission conference and spent Thursday afternoon walking around Surrey (the city with the highest crime rate in all of British Columbia). Elder Sly and I got lost, somehow ended up at a forest, walked thru it, and witnessed a car accident, got hot chocolate at Tim Hortons… Yeah, It was a pretty crazy day ha-ha.

Sunday was probably the greatest day of the week. The stake president was visiting the ward and gave an excellent talk and training. Then, that night, we taught 2 investigators. They are a very, very nice couple.  We left them with a reading assignment form the Book of Mormon–3 Nephi 11.  He felt the spirit while reading it and realized from reading it that he did, if fact, need to be baptized. She didn’t read it, but she has encouraged him to accept God into his life for a long time so she wasn’t hesitant at all when we committed the both of them to be baptized! They’re stoked to be baptized and so are we! Now we just need to get them married and coming to church so they can be baptized December 14th! It’s a good thing I like a challenge and know that the Lord can work miracles.

I have a testimony that the Lord rewards His servants that work their hardest. We haven’t had a whole lot of success the last few weeks, but we kept pushing through and the Lord has started to reward us openly. My message is for all of you to do the same! I’m sure most of you are because my friends are generally the coolest people in the world, but if times get hard sometimes just stay on the straight and narrow; the Lord will bless you for your efforts! Have an excellent week friends and family!!

With Love,

–Elder Rushton The Third

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