Skyler taking photo of Book of Mormon

Skyler taking a photo of the Book of Mormon

This week was transfer week!! The result: Elder Sly got transferred to be a Zone Leader again and my new companion in Penticton is Elder Bolkcom! Elder Bolkcom was already in my District so I knew him; I was super glad when I heard he was my new companion! He is from Idaho Falls, he was the first 18yr old missionary in the CAN-VAN mission and he’s super chill. Our first day together we found two new investigators! It was pretty great.

Alright, time for the weekly re-cap:

Monday: We had a great P-day and watched the Doctrine and Covenants DVD’s at the church. Then we went and taught an investigator who we always teach on Monday. He’s been investigating for a long time and isn’t progressing. He’s really smart and loves to talk with us for hours… but mostly about cars. We’re going back today but hopefully we’ll talk about something other than cars for a change… Like getting baptized? Yeah, hopefully. Then, we got transfer calls! Elder Sly was going to Mission West to be a zone leader. Elder Sly told me later that the deal he had with President Tilleman is that he would train me and then immediately after my training he would become a Zone Leader again.

Tuesday: We went up to Westbank so we could help them cover some teaching appointments. Since this was Elder Bolkcom’s previous area, I went on “exchanges” with him for the last time. All went pretty good and we had a Mo-Tab dance party that night because it was our last time being together as a district with Elder Sly.

Wednesday: Traveling to Vancouver… It took all day and we took the Coquihalla again so I was scared for my life when we went through another blizzard! But it was fun and we made it!

Thursday: Transfer meeting. Elder Bolkcom and I were officially made companions! We stayed the night with Surrey West where one of my former MTC district Elders (Elder French-Cooper) is at. He’s from Texas and is literally the funniest person I have ever met… and that’s saying something! He refuses to conform to Canadians and has a cap gun he shoots in the air while he yells, “TEXAS!!!” as loud as he can! He also drives like a maniac… but he made things really fun haha. Elder Bolkcom and I went street contacting for four hours that night because there are actually people to talk to on the streets in Surrey! In Penticton, there’s no one so it was a nice change from the ordinary! Anyways, while we were street contacting, I HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!! Before the mission, I could NEVER have just walked up to someone on the street and talked to them about religion. But now, I just have fun doing it! I love making people feel awkward and I love talking about the gospel with people who are interested! So that pretty much covers every single person we met on the streets! We got two new investigators from it and was probably the funnest night of my mission thus far.

Friday: Traveling again. I slept most of the ride because the lady I was sitting next to on the bus didn’t want to talk to me haha.

Saturday: Weekly planning! It was as good as weekly planning gets and Elder Bolkcom and I really seem to mesh when it comes to planning. Because we planned so well, I’m sure this next week will be filled with miracles! However, this day was also fairly sad… a sister investigator called…. and dropped us. I was shocked. I did NOT see that coming; she was progressing sooooo well! So I was a little sad about that, but I told her that we’d be praying for her and if she ever needed anything we would be there to help! Have a great life ! I’m sure she’ll be baptized at some point but it probably won’t be by me.

Sunday: The couple we have been teaching didn’t come to church!!!!!! I was so mad! We walked over to their house so we could walk to the church with them and they told us they couldn’t come because they’d slept in! Ahh! However, we had a lesson with them that night and they seemed even more genuine that they would come next week. So they’d better or it’s going to baaaaad for them… They still won’t commit to getting married but I personally believe that if we can get them to church we’ll be able to get them married much more easily.

Well that’s about it for this week! Man, every week is such an adventure out here. It isn’t always easy, especially when you meet not so nice people, so it’s super important to have your testimony and Christ to fall back on. I’ve definitely grown since I’ve been out and I do things every day that I wouldn’t have thought I could do prior to leaving. I’ve since been taught that when you’re “set-apart” you are set-apart from the world and everything in it. You are given power AND authority to “preach the principles of the gospel and to administer the ordinances thereof.” This “authority” that I’ve been given is what makes the difference for me. It’s not worldly, it is literally authority from on high! I love it!


Have an awesome week everyone! I pray for all of you everyday! Have a wonderful day!


–Elder Rushton The Third

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