Penticton, A Canadian Missionary’s Paradise‏

Skyler in the MTC

Skyler in the MTC

Hey friends and family! How are all of you?? Good… Good… So onto my week!

So, British Columbia is basically the California of Canada. It’s warm, on the coast and pretty weird. And Penticton is basically the St. George of Utah so that’s a double bonus making the Okanagan Valley one of the warmest places to live in Canada! Now how warm was it last week?? Only Negative Five Celsius! Yee-haw! I felt like running around with my shirt off it was so warm! Haha but in all seriousness, Penticton is a LOT warmer then the rest of Canada! I’ve learned that I can’t tell locals that I’m cold because they will not understand what I’m saying. Sometimes I feel like they think it’s still too warm! Haha, crazy Canucks.

This week was filled with miracles! We got a ton of new investigators and taught a lot of MPL’s (member present lessons)! I’ve got a little less time to e-mail today so I won’t be able to talk about all of them, so I’ll just hit the highlights!

So my first story actually just happened about an hour and a half ago, we were Christmas shopping downtown and this lady saw us walking towards her and called us over. She told us that her and her 9-yr old son were member’s from Ontario. They had just missed their Greyhound bus to Osoyoos (which is about an hour away) and didn’t know what to do! They really just asked us for help so, of course, we were going to do our best to help them! So we called the Osoyoos sisters and asked them if they knew any member’s that could give her a ride down. They made some calls and got their Branch President to come pick her up. It was going to be about an hour until he was there, so Elder Bolkcom and I just had to hang out with this lady and her son for an hour. They were super cool and her dad was the creator of Captain Canuck! (The Canadian Captain America) I guess they travel A LOT; they told us some crazy awesome stories from their travels and then she bought us lunch! They took about two hours out of our P-day, but I couldn’t feel happier that we were able to help them out! It’s always such a nice feeling to help someone!

Last Monday, we were walking on the streets after P-day and some dude pulled up to us in his car! He asked if we were latter-day saints and we said yes! It turns out he is a less-active member who moved to B.C. shortly after being baptized in Edmonton. He’s a pretty cool guy and we met with him a couple times this week. However, he is a really… interesting person. For a few examples: he practiced witchcraft at one point and says he was literally picked up off the ground by a demon, he speaks Arabic and reads the Quran (even though he’s Mormon now…), he has a lot of Jehovah Witness friends and Satan’s always telling him to do bad things like crash his car through houses and stuff. Still, he’s a really cool guy! He introduced us to his girlfriend and specifically gave me permission to baptize her. So that will be cool hahaha.

On Sunday, we met with a part-member family. They are really cool and their little boy we’re trying to baptize,, reminds me a lot of my little brother Luke. He and his sister are investigators now and if we can get their mom on board, we will get them baptized!

Well I’m about out of time for today but apparently Thanksgiving is this week in the States so I’ll talk about being thankful! Gratitude is a wonderful thing. Gratitude is the way we can go through life happy no matter what life throws at us! So develop an attitude of gratitude today and you’ll be that much happier when adversity comes your way! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Love you all!

–Elder Rushton

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