A White Trailer Park Christmas

Skyler on the bus in Canada

Note: Skyler didn’t get transferred on Dec 19th! He is still in the same area with the same companion so he was happy!

This week went pretty well and the anticipation for Christmas is growing! There was a HUGE winter storm last Friday! All of the snow [...]

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Skyler with Elder Atken in the MTC

What a wonderful week the Lord blessed both Elder Bolkcom and I with! Statistically it was the greatest week of my mission so far and it felt like it flew by! We had a ton of fun, success and miracles! This really is the [...]

Seen-Cleep: The Great Okanagan Coyote

Elder Skyler Rushton and his MTC companion Elder Woolf


Highlight From My Week: I got a Native American (called First Nations in Canada) nickname!

It is: Seen-Cleep. (That’s not at all how you spell it, but I can’t spell it on the computer because there’s backwards numbers and upside [...]

The Freezing Cold North

View from Skyler’s Penticton apartment

Man, it was -20 this week. Enough said. But apparently it’s been about that cold where the rest of you are, so I can’t and won’t complain about it! I do kind of have one thing going for me, it hasn’t snowed a whole lot… It’s just been windy [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

  • Skyler has been home for:
    7 years, 1 month, 21 days, 16 hours, 6 minutes, 9 seconds ago