The Freezing Cold North

Panoramic view from Skyler's Penticton apartment

View from Skyler’s Penticton apartment

Man, it was -20 this week. Enough said. But apparently it’s been about that cold where the rest of you are, so I can’t and won’t complain about it! I do kind of have one thing going for me, it hasn’t snowed a whole lot… It’s just been windy and humid haha. It isn’t the Great White North for me, it’s just the Great North. But anyways, on to the week!

This week was spectacular! The Lord is truly pouring his blessings out upon Elder Bolkcom and I. We’ve found more new investigators and taught more member present lessons these last three weeks then I did my first two transfers combined! The work is truly hastening! We’ve got a ton of investigators coming along, but so far only ONE of them has come to church! So that’s the next mountain that we need to climb! If we can just get them to church, I’m sure that baptisms will follow!

On Monday, we had, not a YSA, but an OSA (“Old Single Adults”) dinner. It was awesome and there were non-members there, so we could go! They gave Elder Bolkcom and I Christmas presents and we were so very thankful for them! It was really fun and one of those, “Only in Penticton…” moments and I don’t even care that it cut into P-day!

Tuesday, we taught our First Nations friends, again. They taught us how Okanagan Natives pray! They burn sage in a seashell and then bathe in it while chanting. It was… interesting haha. But they’re both really cool and they’re taking us to the Native school next Tuesday! And just so you know, we do teach them the gospel while all this stuff is happening haha.

Wednesday was pretty good…. but stressful. Elder Mandin, a new greenie in our district, was on exchanges with me in Penticton. Bro. Angevine (our ward mission leader) came with us to four appointments… and three of them stood us up. But the one that happened was good, I set a baptismal date with our friend T. He’s really cool and has mild schizophrenia. As do all of my investigators as Bro. Angevine kindly pointed out. Now you might think that I’m kidding, but last night I counted the number of people that we’ve found and are teaching that have mental disorders and here’s the count: Out of 20, 16 have some form of mental disorder. And that’s just the last three weeks! I’ve had more while I’ve been in Penticton. We have to be careful with them but what it all comes down to is whether they’re accountable or not. That is usually the biggest factor in our teaching people.

Not a whole lot happened Thursday, we weekly planned for five hours like usual.

Friday! We got two referrals from the Family History Center workers. Someone called them and asked about “Joining the church” so they gave us their information and we went and contacted them. They… are different. They also have mental disorders, but are very nice. However, after we were talking with them Elder Bolkcom and I started to realize that they are just more interested in getting free food as opposed to gaining a stronger relationship with God. We’ll teach them one more time and we’ll see where it goes.

Saturday! We were going to teach a new investigator , but she called us and cancelled. But, she said that we could still come over and teach her 15 yr-old son.  So we went and taught him!  He’s a really cool dude! He free-runs (Parkours) and lifts weights so he’s jacked. Younger investigators are generally more interested in the Plan of Salvation as opposed to the Restoration, so we taught him that. He really enjoyed it and said he was coming to church yesterday, but he slept in… until 2 p.m. Haha, silly kids. Anyways, he’s awesome and we’ll be teaching him again this week!

Sunday was awesome! We went to the first presidency Christmas devotional with an investigator and then afterwards went and taught another couple. They are East Indian and really, really nice. We tracted  them last week in the rain and she felt so bad for us, she invited us back! So we taught them the Restoration and they really enjoyed it. We will be going back next week!

Overall, this week was awesome. And I know that it isn’t anything Elder Bolkcom and I are doing. The Lord is truly blessing us with many people to teach and we’re just doing our best to bring them closer to Christ! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay warm friends and family, I love all of you guys!

–Elder Rushton

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