Seen-Cleep: The Great Okanagan Coyote

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Woolf

Elder Skyler Rushton and his MTC companion Elder Woolf


Highlight From My Week: I got a Native American (called First Nations in Canada) nickname!

It is: Seen-Cleep. (That’s not at all how you spell it, but I can’t spell it on the computer because there’s backwards numbers and upside down letters in it haha.) It means, Coyote. I got it when we went tracting on the Native reserve last week! Haha oh man, that was nuts. We got chased by a pit bull too, but don’t worry, I’m fine. We got four new investigators in a day out of the First Nations reserve! They’re always really interested in the Book of Mormon, especially when we tell them, “This is all about your ancestors!” Then they really perk up!

Apart from that, this week was awesome; the Lord blessed us a ton. Since I’ve been in Penticton, it’s been relatively hard to get new investigators. But in just the last two weeks alone, we’ve found 14!! That has NEVER happened in Penticton! So yeah, the Lord has really blessed us this last week and we had a ton of fun with it too!

Monday: Pretty uneventful. We taught one investigator and learned about the Mennonites that live in Canada.  He is one, so it was really interesting to hear his take on it!

Tuesday: Also fairly uneventful. Not a whole lot happened to write home about, but it was still a good day.

Wednesday! This is the day things really picked up! We got 6 new investigators in a day! We started the day with an awesome zone meeting and then we went on exchanges. Elder Jensen and I were in Penticton and this is when we went onto the First Nations reserve! The second door we knocked on, the lady warned us of the pit bulls and coyotes that wander around the reserve. Three people had been bitten in the last two days. So, of course, while we were tracting, this pit bull comes out of nowhere and scares the heck out of us! We got away unscathed, but it was scary! Then we kept going. We knocked on one door and this guy answered and said something to me in the native Okanagan language. I was like, “Uh, my name’s Elder Rushton and we’re Mormon Missionaries!” And he said, “Cool. Wanna come inside and learn about Okanagan Culture?” And I was like, “We sure do! Can we share a message with you about Jesus Christ?” And he said, “Sure!” So we went in and taught them about Christ. Then they taught us about Okanagan Indians! They gave me the name “Seen-Cleep (or, Coyote)” and they gave Elder Jensen eagle in Okanagan language. It was super cool!

Thursday: Thanksgiving! Well, not here, but we still celebrated! A sister in the ward gave us a gift card to a Chinese buffet, so we had an American-Chinese-Canadian Thanksgiving! It was a lot of fun, but I felt fat afterwards. My fortune cookie stunk too, it said, “Your problem just got a lot worse.” Yay, what a great fortune. Then, we taught another investigator-(a first nations recent convert) and I asked him about the nickname. He told me, “Yeah, that’s Okanagan.” But that’s about all he knew. We also taught a recently baptized member.

Friday! We took a trip to Osoyoos to teach the sisters male investigators! I documented it on my camera and Elder Bolkcom and I had a blast! One of their investigators used to have some personal issues so the zone leaders banned the sisters from going back to teach him. However, apparently it’s ok for the youngest Elder in the mission to go teach him haha. Then we went and taught another guy in Osoyoos. Last time Elder Sly and I went there, we were there for 3 1/2 hours and we personally got in maybe a minute worth of talking. This time, we were only there for 3 hours! So it was better, but that he sure likes to talk— haha.

Saturday: The Lord blessed us with two more investigators! It was great! The only bad thing that happened was that we ran into an excommunicated member. Oh man, that was bad. He was definitely excommunicated for a reason! But otherwise, it was a really good day!

Sunday: All of our teaching appointments fell through so we ended the week with a big zero member present lessons, so that kind of stunk. Elder Bolkcom and I left church early to go try and dig up some member present lessons with part-member family, but we had no luck. It started raining and blowing really bad that night too, so when we got home that night I was soaked and freezing! But one great thing that happened was that a lady in the ward gave us a huge bag of wagon wheels! (Must be treats? ) So that made everything all better!

Overall this week was awesome! I love it here! It’s not easy work at all, but with the Lord’s help we’ve been getting a lot of good things done. Have a wonderful week everybody! I pray for all of my friends and family every night and day! I hope you are all blessed extra amounts this week and have a lot of fun as we progress towards Christmas! Love you guys!

-Elder Rushton The Third

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