‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Skyler and Elder Atken in MTC Provo

Skyler with Elder Atken in the MTC

What a wonderful week the Lord blessed both Elder Bolkcom and I with! Statistically it was the greatest week of my mission so far and it felt like it flew by! We had a ton of fun, success and miracles! This really is the season to be jolly, even in a native land like Canada! We had a couple of events happen at our church this week. We had an open house, nativity display (Called a “Creche” here) this week and a ward/community Christmas dinner on Saturday! Both were excellent missionary activites and Elder Bolkcom and I both felt like they were successful! That took up the majority of our week, but lets re-cap the rest!:

 Monday: After P-day, we went to an investigators house as always. This gentleman is an investigator… kind of. I know I’ve mentioned him before, he’s the Mennonite guy from Manitoba who LOVES to talk about anything not related to the Gospel haha. We went to his house, and basically talked to him for two hours. We just couldn’t get out of there! But it was fun and hopefully today we can commit him to be baptized haha.

 Tuesday: We went back onto the Indian Reserve to go on a tour of their school with some of our investigators! For how the Reserve looks, it was a pretty nice school! They have preschool all the way up to grade eight I believe. They teach them a lot of Okanagan culture and language there as well. While we were there, we ran into a Mormon Okanagan! He had been in the Placement Program when he was younger and grew up in Alberta. Apparently that’s the story with a lot of First Nations people because there are a lot of them that grow up in LDS homes. The ones that have been in the program generally have their lives pretty well put together. It’s really interesting.

Wednesday: Exchanges! I was in Kelowna-Rutland (AKA Rut-hood for all of the car bombings and stabbings that happen there) area with Elder Fitzner, my favorite Zone Leader from Canada! He’s a big hockey player and a super nice guy. He’s really great at talking to people at door steps too, so I learn a lot from him every exchange. He opened the Elder area in Penticton, so I see his teaching records all the time and always phone him and ask about people he taught while he was there. He’s a very useful resource for me! Anyways, we had a great exchange! Taught a couple lessons, found a few investigators AND played STREET HOCKEY WITH THE YOUTH!! Ahh!!! I was sooooo excited! I haven’t worn my work out clothes since I’ve been in Canada, so it was a much appreciated change! The only problem was, I’m in Canada where everyone is amazing at hockey. Elder Fitzner and I were on separate teams and he destroyed me a couple times. He played for the Canadian youth national team so needless to say, he’s pretty good haha. And big… So Wednesday was awesome too because Elder Bolkcom and Elder Olson found 7 new investigators in Penticton! Great day.

 Thursday: Weekly planning–it was a pretty slow day. We went to the church open house that night and had a lot of quality gospel conversations, but no new investigators.

Friday: We were at the church from 2-9 helping with the open house and “A Night In Bethlehem” activity. We taught a ton of lessons from 10-2 so when we got in that night, I completely crashed. “A good missionary is a tired missionary!” –President Tilleman

Saturday: Also a great day! Straight teaching appointments from 12-5 with investigators Elder B. Found on Wednesday!  One investigator was a big dude and lives in a really sketchy complex. I guess when the Elders were there on Wednesday, he warned them that if everyone there wasn’t stoned, they would get stabbed. Needless to say, we went back Sunday night and found two more investigators haha. Anyways, we had a great lesson with himf and with any luck he will be getting baptized in January! We also had the Ward Christmas Dinner and Elder B. and I got to help serve the food. It was great and there were a lot of non-members there too!

 Sunday: Our investigator/friend showed up for church! He’s 15 years old and he’s going to come to young mens on Tuesday too! Elder Jensen and I tracted into his mom and she wanted us to teach him because she thought we would be a “good influence” on him. He’s a really awesome dude and hopefully we’ll be able to teach him and his whole family soon! We gave him a tour of the church and in the nativity display, he definitely felt the spirit. It was great. Then that night, we taught another investigator and another person, our East Indian friends! They wanted to know how to cast our evil spirits… so I offered to dedicate their house next Sunday. Haha, that should be fun. We also met with our less-active friend and at the end of our lesson I asked him to pray. Bad idea. He prayed for ten minutes about things like, “Please help the missionaries financially Father, please give them $500 dollars and let them give some to me,” and, “please don’t let people drag race on the streets. It’s dangerous and costs lives.” I literally fell asleep during the prayer and Elder Bolkcom had to wake me up haha. Remember, “A good missionary is a tired missionary!” –President Tilleman

 Haha so to sum up this week, it was spectacular. The Lord has been pouring blessings out upon us in this area. This next week should be great too and I pray and hope the Lord will keep blessing us! Thank you all for your prayers and know that I pray for all of you every night and day! I love you all and hope you have a very merry Christmas!

 Have a lovely week,

–Elder Rushton The Third

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