A White Trailer Park Christmas

Skyler travelling by bus in Canada

Skyler on the bus in Canada

Note: Skyler didn’t get transferred on Dec 19th!  He is still in the same area with the same companion so he was happy!

This week went pretty well and the anticipation for Christmas is growing! There was a HUGE winter storm last Friday! All of the snow is melting fast, but I hope it lasts long enough for Christmas! Elder Bolkcom and I have been doing the majority of our tracting this last week in trailer parks. Needless to say, we’ve met a lot of… interesting, people and had a lot of… interesting, experiences haha. We started tracting in them firstly because there’s so many in our area (probably 6-7 decent sized ones) that we haven’t really touched since I’ve been here and because the humble people live there! They can be scary at times, but when I’ve got a big dude like Elder Bolkcom backing me up, fear jumps out the window! So let’s start on the week!

Monday: We had our usual lesson with our Menonite friend  who always tries to get us to play video games, and then we went to another investigators house for a lesson.  We found him in one of the many trailer parks/low income housing places we tracted! On the way in, I thought for sure I was going to get shanked but we made it! We got yelled at a few times even though we weren’t even tracting, but we pushed through to his house! And when we got there… He wasn’t home haha. So that was disappointing, and ended our Monday night!

Tuesday: We had quite a few lessons that we took our Ward Mission Leader to with us. They all went pretty well, but he LOVES to talk deep doctrine with investigators–so that can get frustrating at times haha. He teaches Gospel Principles (the investigator class) in church and last week he taught the Plan of Salvation. He went WAY too deep and even taught some false doctrine… We’re going to have a talk with him this week haha. Our 15 year old investigator  came to young mens! Elder Jensen and I tracted into his mom and she asked us to teach him because she thought we would be a “good influence” on him. He’s come to church twice now and hopefully we can get in and teach his mom, dad, and siblings as well!

Wednesday: We visited a member of the ward in a care home.  We had never met him before so running around with the nurse to find him was fun haha. Then we had a really great visit with him (even though he kept falling asleep on us haha.) We went to visit him because his son had asked us too. We are trying to get his son baptized, so we figured it would be a good thing to do!

Thursday: Weekly planning day so it was pretty slow. But we found a couple new investigators and Christmas came early! We tracted  into some Jehovah Witnesses! The guy was running all over the place trying to find something to give us. He couldn’t find one in English so we just left. On our way back to the car later, he saw us and ran out after us! He had found one! It was a “What the Bible Teachs”–all the false doctrine you could ever want rolled into one small book haha. I said, “Thanks for the Christmas present!” and he wasn’t too fond of that haha. We also ran into a nice Christian-Jewish man who celebrates the Sabbath (Which is on Saturday for him because he’s Jewish… and a Christian…) and Passover and stuff. Interesting guy haha, he answered the door shirtless because he had just gotten done rowing for an hour in a “row” haha. Anyways, he gave us a nice chart of the last ten days of Christ’s life for Christmas! Even though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas…
Friday and Saturday were pretty slow, so we’ll skip to Sunday.

Sunday! Most of our investigators came to church!  Then we went to the Bishops house after church to teach some of their daughter’s friends! The lesson went GREAT and we had a nice dinner afterwards with them too! We’ll have a meal on Christmas too, so that will make a record two meals in one week for me! So I’m stoked! Then that night, we went to another investigators  home to teach.  One of our investigators  is our main focus right now because he’s been coming to church for a long time with his dad. We asked him the baptismal interview questions and he answered all of them perfectly! Then we asked him if he would be baptized… and he said yes! We were stoked! So he should be getting baptized early January if his mom has nothing against it (which she shouldn’t!). So things are looking up in Penticton!

Well I hope all of you have a magnificent, Merry Christmas! I love all of you and hope you have a very great week!
Happy Boxing Day!
–Elder Rushton The Third

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