Last Week in Penticton?

Elder Rushton and Elder Sly

Skyler and his companion, Elder Sly

This is it. Transfer calls are tonight. I have spent six months in Penticton, which is usually the tradition of this area. Elder Fitzner, Elder Bingham (who went to Pleasant Grove for school!), and Elder Lieber were all trained here for six months and then left to go up North or Vancouver Island. As you can tell, I’ve put a lot of thought into this haha. This mission is so vast, it is crazy! There are four main areas of the mission: The Okanagan (where I am now), Vancouver Island, North and the Lower Mainland (around Vancouver). Only the most dependable missionaries go up North, so I shouldn’t have to worry about that– haha. The Lower Mainland baptizes the most, the Island is the most beautiful place to serve and the Okanagan is the bible belt of B.C. I think if I can get out of the Oak (as we call it) I will be happy… but we’ll see what happens tonight!!!!

So this week was a really good one so if it is my last week, I left on a high note. The change from when I first got here to now has been radical. I only had one baptism, but we found an awesome amount of new investigators and taught a lot of member present lessons in my time here. More than any other area in our district! The Lord has definitely hastened his work during my time here and I was very, very blessed to be able to see it with my own eyes!

Now after all this build up, watch me not get transferred…

So back to this week! It was good! I found something that blew my mind. Canadian money? It’s scratch and sniff… No joke. My mind was BLOWN! The $20 smells like maple syrup. So that was fun, then on Friday we did exchanges! We went apartment tracting and found a lot of new investigators! I’ll admit, it was really nerve wracking buzzing into buildings and trying to get someone to let you in, but it was kind of fun too. As long as you go for the more run down ones and stay away from the ones with all the old people, you’ll be just fine. So we got a couple new investigators in this one low-income housing place called Mayfair and we’ve been teaching a nice couple. We went on Sunday to teach them and there was pot smoke EVERYWHERE. So we got out of their house as soon as possible and a member that night mentioned that we smelled like weed to which I replied, “Well that just means we’re good missionaries!” We all had a good laugh haha.

There was a very spiritual experience we had this week. One of our First Nations investigators, is one of the rare First Nations Christians here and we had a lesson with him this week. Most of them tend to forget our appointments… and he was no different. But we caught him as he was leaving to go visit his girlfriend. We started talking to him and we ended up teaching him for a whole hour out in the snow! He told us that his girlfriend is sick, his niece just had hip surgery and his daughter is a recovering drug addict, so at the end of the lesson he wanted us to pray with him for them. We didn’t even have to ask him to say the prayer, he volunteered himself which is unusual! So he said his prayer and I’ll tell you… I’ve never heard someone offer such a heartfelt, spiritual prayer as that man did at that time. He said –amen and we looked up and tears were streaming down his face. He walked over to us and we both gave him a hug. Even though he’s not a member of our church, he is very close to God and you can tell. But if he accepts the Gospel, I know that he will grow even closer to God and that he will feel his Savior’s love more abundantly then he does now! How great will be his joy! Now hopefully Elder Bolkcom can get him baptized when I leave— haha.
Well unfortunately I’m out of time this week! I love all of you and I can definitely feel your love for me! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay safe and keep being awesome!!
With love and blessings,

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