Learning Life Skills in Brookswood–Feb 17th, 2014

Elder Skyler Rushton with Canada Elders

Elder Skyler Rushton with Canada Elders

Hello there friends and family! It’s your favorite son/friend/acquantince, Elder Rushton!

So I learned a whole lot of things this week!:

1. Public transit in Langley is NOT reliable!! Even if you’re at the bus stop fifteen minutes early, you’re still likely to miss the stinkin’ bus!

2. The sidewalks in B.C. are WAY too close to the road haha! I got soaked walking on them as cars drove by. Haha, it was terrible.

3. You meet a lot of… interesting people on the bus haha.

And 4. I’m apparently allergic to shellfish.

To start with, the busses stink here in Langley haha. They only come every 30-60 minutes and they aren’t reliable at all! I had to learn to read the bus map and stuff, but it doesn’t help at all if the bus just comes whenever it wants too haha! On Sundays, we get up at 5:30 so we can catch the 6:15 bus to town. Then we have to RUN two blocks to make the next bus which will get us a couple blocks from the church. Then, to make it to ward council at 7, we have to jog down the street to the temple and chapel. We have been coming in soaked in sweat but we haven’t been late yet!!

Next, the sidewalks are way too close to the street haha. This one is pretty self-explanatory, and whenever diesel trucks drive past us we get SOAKED haha.

Next, lots of good people use the bus system, but many of them are… interesting haha. I’ve met a lot of people who can’t speak english, a lot of handicapped people and some people that are ready for the gospel! Maybe that’s the reason we were put on transit, but I still kind of wish we had a car back haha. We met a super cool Korean guy on Friday at the Langley bus centre that we even set a baptismal date with! We passed him off to Burnaby Korean though, so hopefully they can get him baptized!

And then finally, I am allergic to shellfish. A less-active member took us to get fish n’ chips at C-Lovers on Wednesday, and I ordered the prawns! I ate all of them, felt really full and then we went out tracting. About an hour and a half later, Elder Johnston looks at me while we’re on a door step and goes, “Dude, you’re all red!” Before that, I had started to feel really itchy so when he said it, something clicked in my head and I knew something wasn’t right. So I called the mission nurse, told her I was breaking out in hives, and she told me to go to Wal-Mart and buy some anti-histamines! So I did and then I went to the washroom to look at myself in the mirror… I looked like a leper man! It was crazy! But then the medicine started to work and I was just fine.

So this week was filled with mini public transit related adventures, but it has been a learning experience for sure. I just hope I’m never stuck relying on a bus when I’m older haha. So apart from the temporal lessons I learned this week, I also learned a great deal of spiritual lessons. My testimony of the Gospel has grown immensely since I have been out on my mission. I am learning new ways to bear my testimony all of the time and my spiritual progression has been off the scales. However, it has not always been fine and dandy. There have been ups and downs, acceptance and rejection; but that’s all part of life, isn’t it?? So that has been the biggest life skill I’ve learned since I’ve been on my mission, dealing with life. I’ve still got a ways to go but if there is one thing I know with a surety, it’s that the Savior WILL help you get through it! Life can be pretty bleak sometimes but as you trust in the Lord, you can get through everything! Of that, I have a huge testimony!

I love all of you! I will continue to pray for all of you! And I hope every single one of you has one of the best weeks of your life! Have a wonderful week everyone!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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