Canadia’s Life This Week!

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Lewis

Hello friends and family! It took me like five minutes to think of a title for this e-mail. Probably the most effective use of e-mail time ever I would think. Haha, anyway… let me just start by saying the Old Testament is jacked up haha. You don’t have [...]

He is Risen! He is Risen! Christ the Lord was Risen Yesterday!

Skyler with his trainer Elder Sly

It’s Easter time! Which commemorates the Resurrection of my good pal, Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And it has been a very good Easter weekend for us here in Brookswood!

So the biggest story from the week was yet again another Assistant exchange. If you remember my last [...]

McDonald’s Saved My Life!

Skyler Tries Glasses

So this week was pretty stinkin’ good. Even for being on public transit! Which has been a pretty big hinderance this last week! So we have a zone baptismal date for April 26th and 27th where EVERYONE in the zone is “going to baptize!” So Elder Barker and I were desperatly [...]

Priesthood, Prophets, Temples and Jesus

Penticton, Canada photo by Skyler Rushton

This weekend’s General Conference was excellent! The Prophets and Apostles are super inspired every time they address us! The Bishop here, Bishop Towns, promised the whole congregation last week that if they brought any question or questions to general conference, it would be answered by one of the [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

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