A Week of the Crazies!

Elder Skyler Rushton and anti-gambling

Skyler by an anti-gambling PSA.

This week was pretty great but Holy Cow, it was crazy! So much happened this week I definitely won’t get to it all in this e-mail, but I’ll just tell you some stories I guess!

We went on exchanges Tuesday and I was with Elder B to the -onfield (or as everyone else calls him, Elder Bonfield.) in Willoughby. We had a great lesson with their baptismal date –and he is totally getting baptized. We watched the Restoration DVD with him and afterwards I just straight up asked him, “So , do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?” And he said, “Oh yeah, totally.” So I said, “Sweet, and do you believe the Book of Mormon is the Word of God?” And he was like, “Yeah! It’s so cool how it works with the Bible!!” It was awesome. Then we went and did a service project for this really old member and we cut down entire trees with a chainsaw (I ended up having to take it away from the member and do it myself because I was afraid he was going to mutilate himself haha… so I got to use a chainsaw this week!) Then we were going to teach another investigator, but we called him to confirm and he kept asking us for money so he could get some cream to treat an S.T.D. he had gotten the day before… We will be teaching him the law of Chastity next lesson!

This week, we got a media referral from Church HQ (which almost never happens here) from an investigator who said he wanted to join our church. We went to his house and he was an 18 year old who had referred himself because he had watched South Park and the Book of Mormon Musical which made him curious as to what we really believe hahaha. So he went on Mormon.org, liked what he saw, and requested a missionary visit! We taught him the whole Restoration and he LOVED it! We put him on date to be baptized May 31st. He came to church yesterday and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity on Saturday, so he is looking golden for getting baptized on the 31st! He even invited a friend over to hear us and now his friend is investigating too! Haha, it was great. But he is YSA, so we will have to hand him over to the YSA missionaries next week, which is kind of sad but they will be good for him!

We taught a 7th day adventist guy this week and it also went super well. He is a youth pastor at his church, is from the Phillipines and loves Jesus. Perfect future young men’s president? I think yes haha. We also taught another investigator, who I’ve actually mentioned before. He is from Iran, is Ba-hai, has gone to school for bible history for four years and speaks Farci. He was actually the sisters investigator, but they gave him to us to teach because  he wanted someone who, “Knew the bible better.” So Elder Bennett and I went and taught him. Our lesson was basically an hour throw-down, drag out, bible bash with him. Only because that is what he wanted it to be. But we’ll be dropping him now; he said he would read the Book Of Mormon, but he won’t get over the fact that there is no bible prophecy that says the exact date of when the church would be restored… Oh well, I guess if he doesn’t believe it he can keep living in darkness!

Next story: Crazy investigator…… Some crazy guy got the Bishops number here and asked for his help in getting a hotel room. So the Bishop helped him, and then texted us that night to go talk to him in the morning. So we did, heard his story about how he is from Utah and his passport got stolen and yada yada yada… I’m pretty sure it was all false. So the Bishop came while we were visiting him and got his deposit back from the hotel. Then, just like eveyone else in Langley that has no money, this guy asked Bishop for more money to buy a phone card and lunch. So the Bishop gave us $50 and said to just “take care of it”. So we were glorified baby-sitters for about 2 hours. So this is where my experiences in Penticton came into play. For my last two months there, people asked us for stuff all of the time and asked for money from the Bishop all the time. I learned that as soon as you give then something–anything–they will keep asking until you put your foot down. That held true with this guy too.  To sum it up, this guy kept trying to use Elder Bennett and I for anything he could get us to do. The only reason I tried to help him out is because Bishop asked us too. Anyways, we wouldn’t let him manipulate us and he kept trying to buy him stuff and do things his way, but he wasn’t in any position to tell us what to do. So we put our foot down and he didn’t like that so he started throwing a fit like a baby, so we just walked away. We didn’t spend any of Bishop’s money on the chump because his story was getting weaker and weaker by the second and eventually he just made it impossible for us to help him. So we told Bishop the whole story, he said we did the right thing, but unfortunately he gave this guy our number so he called us like twenty times. Haha, so there’s my rant about this investigator.

I mowed a lawn for 3 hours (it was an acre and a half) and at one point the mower’s engine completly died. The lady we were doing service for has zero money, but she did have another mower with a broken gas tank. It had a GIANT whole in it. So, what do you do in that situation? You ask for tape. So Elder Bennett and I redneck-rigged the gas tank to not fall off and covered the hole as best we could with surgical tape (she didn’t have duct tape…). I’ll have to get the pictures to you eventually, but suffice it to say that we were happy the mower didn’t burst into flames after two continuous hours of running hahaha. But there sure was a lot of smoke!

Well hopefully you enjoyed one or two of those stories haha! This week was nuts but Mother’s day was super awesome! This week is looking like it will be just as crazy, so I might have a story or two next week! I hope you all had a great week! Hopefully this week is even better for all of you! Love you all! Talk to you later!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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