Holding Down the Fort

Skyler Rushton by Vancouver Temple

Elder Skyler Rushton by the Vancouver B.C. temple.

Well to start off, I did NOT get transferred!! Crazy! That means by the end of this transfer I will have been in Brookswood for 7 1/2 months!! And I’m still with Elder Bennett too; which means I’ll have been with him for 4 1/2 months by the end of this transfer! Am I happy or sad about it? Not really ha-ha. It works for me–and obviously it works better for the Lord or else he wouldn’t have left us here! But even in the few days since transfer meeting, we’ve been seeing the reasons already as to why the Lord left us here. This should be a GREAT transfer!

 The beginning of the week was crazy with transfer calls and whatnot. A lot of our zone was changed up and Surrey zone got DESTROYED by transfers! The big stories about transfers are: The Surrey Spanish ward went from having eight missionaries to just one companionship of Elders, my old area (Penticton) I found out was closed by President Tilleman before he left because the ward was not doing so well.  We heard the transfer meeting was super, super good, but Elder Bennett and I weren’t there because we didn’t get transferred! Oh well, maybe next time!

 So our week was pretty average until Friday; we taught a lot of our less-actives and we went to go see our house full of Jamaicans that I mentioned a couple weeks ago, and it was ABANDONED!! A house filled with 18 Jamaicans and they are all just GONE! So that was crazy. Friday morning we got a call from President Burt: He and Sister Burt were coming up to meet with us at the chapel around noon. Crazy! So we met them there and we had interviews with them. Took us completely by surprise!. But the interview was great! President Burt told me about his company back home–Burt Brother’s Tires–and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

President and Sister Burt wanted to take us to Wendy’s for lunch! So they followed us to the nearest one and we went inside and he bought us both lunch! That day meant a lot to both Elder Bennett and I. President Burt has been on a mission for almost a month, has 280 missionaries that he has to take care of, and he took the time to show his love for Elder Bennett and I. It was awesome. We had a super fun time at lunch with them too. We just HAD to ask about iPads! He said we might have them before the end of the year or early next year! “Definitely before you go home.” Is what he told me! Yay iPads! He also told me, “If you EVER go less-active, I will hunt you down, and I will kill you.” Ha-ha-ha, he said it in his President Burt-jokingly way, but I believe him!! Oh man, he is just so awesome.

 So then Saturday was a good day too! We called EVERY SINGLE former investigator in our area book to set up lessons for next week! We had a TON of success with it! They changed the way we count new investigators, so it is harder to reach the basic standards of excellence (a combined total of 12 between New Investigators and Member Present Lessons), so we are going to have to rely a lot more on MPL’s to reach standards. But next week is looking really good for that. We also figured if we are going to stay here for another transfer, why not make it our best yet??

 At church on Sunday, the Assistants randomly showed up and came to church with us! We were afraid they would want to go on exchanges (I HATE it when they surprise “go on exchanges” with us!!) but they ended up just coming back to our place for lunch and then went back to Richmond! One of them, Elder Kennedy, is a 6’10″ black guy who is going to play basketball for BYU when he gets home, and he is my favorite haha! We had so much fun together! Everyone at church just had to ask if he did sports back home, and it was super funny when he said he was going to BYU! Oh man, it was just classic. We also had an investigator show up for church which was the major accomplishment for the week! She is great, but it will take some work from the Atonement to fix her up and get her baptized. She comes from a rough background and she just moved here to live with her aunt who is a member. She will be someone that we focus on next week!

Well that’s my week for ‘yall! I hope you enjoyed it! I sure enjoyed the end of it, especially when President Burt came to visit us. I hope all of you back home are doing well and that you are enjoying the summer! It has been SUPER hot here for us! The humidity was 100% percent for a couple days… and it rained once which cooled it off for a day or two, which was nice. Oh yeah! We pushed some lady’s car out of the street in the rain because her battery died. That was great too! Well anyways, have a great week everyone! I love all of you! The church is true, and God is so good. Talk to you all later!!

Elder Rushton The Third

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